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Imperial College Business School is pleased to offer an array of scholarship options to our most talented applicants of our Management Master’s programmes.

The scholarship deadlines for programmes commencing in September 2019 are fast approaching. If you are would like to apply for a scholarship, first read the requirements on our scholarship pages and then submit your application before the deadline dates.

For some scholarships, we shortlist based on the strength of your application, and so if you apply by the deadline you will be considered for an award. For other scholarships, you need to supply a supporting essay in response to a question.

You are advised to check individual scholarship requirements on the programme page. Early application is strongly recommended to increase your chance of receiving an award.

Management Masters’ scholarship deadlines

MSc International Management scholarship deadline: 18 February 2019

All other Management Masters’ scholarship deadline: 1 March 2019

Chevening scholarship: varies by programme. See here for more details.

We speak to scholarship recipients in the class of 2018-19 to find out why they chose to study their Master’s at Imperial College Business School and hear how they benefited from as scholarship recipients.

Christina Mikhael, MSc Management

Nationality: Lebanese

Undergraduate education: Bachelor of Business Administration and Management in Finance, the American University of Beirut

Why did you choose Imperial College Business School?

In terms of its location, academics, student life, career services, and alumni network, Imperial College Business School is the only School that seemed to meet all my needs. It made me feel that I would be signing up for a full package, a feeling that has been so far, unsurprisingly, my daily reality. With all the opportunities and assistance I am provided with at the School, I have been more like a multidisciplinary or an all-aspect learner rather than just a business school student.

What did receiving a Bseisu-Imperial College Business School Scholarship mean for you?

It wasn’t the recognition of my previous hard work nor being selected from a pool of other high calibre students that meant the most to me. Rather, it was the confidence to go further and the realisation that there are other people who believe in my capabilities of being a change maker that was invaluable. It affirmed to me that I was on the right track and gave me even more motivation to do my best not only in my degree at Imperial but also after it.  By also being a female recipient this year, I hope it will somehow encourage more girls from my region to consider higher education, work hard for it and know that they all have what it takes to succeed.

Pietro Calzini

Pietro Calzini, MSc Management

Nationality: Italian

Undergraduate education: Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science, King’s College London

Why did you choose Imperial College Business School?

I am aspiring to get a managerial role in a technology company and solve complex problems with cutting edge technologies. The choice of Imperial College Business School seemed natural, for its symbiosis with the wider Imperial community and its focus on science, technology and engineering. This is also represented by the mission of the Business School, which I was particularly fascinated by. Currently running my own startup, I knew I would receive enormous support from the Business School and the wider Imperial community. Moreover, having spoken with some alumni of the Business School, I highly valued the hands-on and deeply innovative approach that many programmes have. Lastly, I chose it for its reputation, knowing that it will be an incredible point to add to my CV and will represent a turning point in my career.

What did receiving a Brilliant Minds scholarship mean for you? 

Having received the Brilliant Minds scholarship allowed me to come and study at Imperial College Business School. When I received the news about receiving the award, I was astonished and proud that all the effort I had put in during my undergraduate studies and in the application to Imperial had been rewarded. I am incredibly honoured to be recognised by Imperial for my academic background and I am eager to deepen my knowledge in the world of business, always with an eye on innovation.

Pamela Rodriguez

Pamela M. Rodríguez, MSc Economics & Strategy for Business

Nationality: Dominican

Undergraduate education: Bachelor’s in Accounting, Santo Domingo Institute of Technology

Why did you choose Imperial College Business School?

I chose Imperial because it gives me access to quality teaching evidenced by the achievements of its graduates; because it provides an opportunity for cross-cultural collaboration being located in a global centre for business and finance; because it ensures a chance to forge lifelong professional relationships; to network and bring effective practices back to my home country; and, because the programme itself is highly relevant to my preferences and provides the best preparation to further my career.

What did receiving a Chevening scholarship mean for you?

Although my home country, the Dominican Republic, has experienced some economic growth, many small and medium business owners have not been able to navigate financial pitfalls successfully. Consequently, I am very passionate about supporting my local business community. I plan to provide advice about economics and decision-making by sharing strategies and potential solutions to strengthen businesses. However, I needed additional academic preparation in order to accomplish my professional goals. Therefore, receiving a Chevening scholarship meant hope. Hope that I can get the resources I need to play a conscious role in others’ success. Hope that I can combine my goals and values with Imperial’s original thinking and quality instruction. Hope that I can make a real impact on society. Consequently, I couldn’t be more grateful that Imperial and Chevening chose me to be part of this journey.

Muge Li

Muge Li, MSc Strategic Marketing

Nationality: Chinese

Undergraduate education: Bachelor of Science in Economics-Management, the University of California

Why did you choose Imperial College Business School?

Among business schools around the world, Imperial, without a doubt, has the best faculty and resources, which enables me to not only get a better education, but also more opportunities. The impressive worldwide ranking of the Business School will give me a competitive edge during the recruitment process and will make me confident in my future career. Last but not least, Imperial has the best location that a business school could ever have. It makes me realise what kind of person I want to be and seriously think about my career path when standing in the centre of London, where Imperial College Business School is located.

What did receiving an Imperial Business scholarship mean for you?

Receiving an Imperial Business scholarship is one of my biggest achievements. It means that my study accomplishments are affirmed by one of the best business schools, and I am, indeed, one of the best students in the world. The scholarship gives me great confidence and changes the way I see myself: I can finally say that I am really proud of myself. At this turning point of my life where my identity changes from a student to an employee, the scholarship offers me the best ending of my school life and a perfect start to my career.

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