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Last week, we welcomed a new class of 74 motivated and experienced professionals to the Full-Time MBA programme at Imperial College Business School.

We are delighted to say that 45% of the 2018-19 Full-Time MBA class are female, showing the Business School’s commitment to achieving gender parity.

Once again we are welcoming a truly diverse cohort to the one-year programme, with an amazing 88% of the class coming from outside of the UK. There are a huge 30 nationalities represented in the class, and 24 different languages are spoken.

New MBA student Paveenuch Sritragul, who previously lived and worked in Thailand, says she was amazed when she heard how global the 2018-19 cohort was.

I am amazed at how diverse our class is thanks to the recruitment team, who have bought in a really good mix of people, from five different continents and from across numerous industries.

The academic backgrounds of the students are just as varied, with only 19% holding an undergraduate degree in business or management.

As for their careers before starting the MBA, less than a third of the students come from the banking and finance or consulting and professional services industries.

The cohort have joined the Business School from sectors that range from engineering, energy and pharma, biotech and healthcare to consumer and retail, law and government and the public sector.

They also have an average age of 28, and an average of six and a half years of work experience.

Temitope Adedoyin, one of our new MBA students, says she is ‘really looking forward to learning from the diverse cohort’.

Everyone comes with rich experiences I can’t wait to tap into. Most importantly, I am looking collaborate with everyone: as the faculty have said, it is not a competition, it is a learning curve.

The students have all joined the Full-Time MBA with different ideas of what they want to accomplish in their careers.

Katia Fox, one of the new class and recipient of a Forté Foundation Scholarship, is impressed by the diversity of the cohort’s background and future aspirations. “The fact that it is 45% women is fantastic, and it’s incredibly diverse with people from all over the world, with every kind of experience and background. Everyone had different jobs before, and everyone is going in different directions too, which is exciting.”

Offering a warm welcome, Programme Director Professor Andreas Eisingerich greeted the new class on the first day of their induction with an introduction to Imperial College London, the Business School and what they can expect from the programme. He highlighted the incredibly valuable network of classmates within the room, who they will be working with over the upcoming year.

For Marco Gomez, a key piece of advice came from this welcome: “During his opening words to the cohort, Andreas compared us to a tribe that will support each other throughout the year and our careers. After only spending a few days with them, I am sure I will form many meaningful, long-term friendships.”

The new cohort also got to hear from Imperial College Business School’s Dean, Professor Francisco Veloso, when he addressed the wider business school in the afternoon, and he echoed the comments about the achievements and diversity of the students in the room.

That is why it is so rich for us to think about the community, because around you there are a fantastic group of colleagues from which you can learn a lot: not only technically, but as a diverse group of people, and this is something that it is very much worthwhile to celebrate.

The new Full-Time MBA class have had a packed induction schedule which runs over two weeks, with daily activities, workshops and networking events designed to accelerate their relationships as a cohort and cover contemporary business topics, such as resilient leadership, networking skills and unconscious bias.

During their first week, the class heard from Cath Bishop, an Olympic-medal-winning rower and diplomat; took part in a Careers kick-off day; built their professional and personal network with students across the school at a South Kensington Tea Party; and took part in a team building away day, developing their teamwork, creative problem solving and decision making skills on a high ropes and climbing towers course.

Core modules, Careers Week and a welcome reception at the neighbouring Natural History Museum are ahead of our new Full-Time MBA class during their busy schedule in the first term, and we wish them the best of luck in their time at Imperial College Business School.

If you would like to be part of our next impressive Full-Time MBA class, request a profile review with a member of our Recruitment team to discuss the programme and how to give your application the best chance of success.

Paveenuch Sritragul

Paveenuch was previously an Equity Research Analyst at Thai brokerage firm Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited, a subsidiary of the largest bank in Thailand. She represented the company on 3 IPO processes, one of which was the largest IPO deal in Thailand since 2015. She attended Michigan State University where she studied Finance, and she was awarded a Brilliant Minds scholarship to fund her place on the Full-Time MBA programme.

Why Imperial College Business School for your MBA?

“I looked at the course structure and I just love it, I really believe in experiential learning and IB offers the best experiential learning in a very concise timeline. Within one year you get both theoretical and practical learning, and at Imperial you can tailor the journey of the MBA however you want it to be. Being able to choose what you want to do really sets you a great foundation to grow in the direction you want.”

Marco Gomez

After completing his MSc Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, Marco began working as a Professor and Researcher at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology in his home-country. He predominantly worked as Project Manager of Irazu, a project consisting of designing, building and launching Costa Rica’s first satellite to monitor rainforest growth in the country. The satellite was launched on May 11 2018 from the International Space Station and has been recording data that will support Costa Rica’s goal of becoming a carbon neutral entity by 2021 for the past four months. Additionally, he co-founded the Space Systems Laboratory at the university, the first laboratory of its kind in Central America and the Caribbean.

Why did you choose Imperial College Business School?

“The aspect that most interested me about Imperial College Business School is its multidisciplinary approach. The business school encourages collaboration with other departments from Imperial College, which allows you to collaborate with professors and students from some of the best engineering, science and medicals schools in the world, to develop projects and ventures. Moreover, with programs such as the Imperial Innovation Challenge and project such as the Entrepreneurial Journey, the business school is truly a place where an idea can become reality.”

Victoria Ferguson

Victoria was working in the Greater Los Angeles Area as a Benefits Consultant at Aflac before starting on the Imperial Full-Time MBA. She previously worked as a Lead Recruiter at QDC West. Victoria was awarded a Forté Foundation scholarship to help fund her MBA studies, and hopes to gain a solid understanding of basic business principles in finance and accounting and explore more career opportunities whilst at Imperial.

Why did you decide to study for an MBA?

“I decided to study an MBA because I want to open up a variety of doors for myself; earning an MBA will allow me to both increase my earning power as well as explore a wider variety of jobs. I also wanted to expand my knowledge of the business world in a more structured environment and combine those skills with what I learned in the startup technology sector.”

Michael Stewart

Michael was a Marketing Director at Grupo de Empresas Maui and Sons in South America, which manages 12 licensee contracts of international apparel brands such as Volcom, Rip Curl, Rusty, Globe, Sun Bum, Dragon, and Excel. Before that, he worked in the department store industry as a Planner and Product Manager for Falabella, and as a Sales Engineer in the FMCG industry for CCU. He has moved to London from Chile to study for the Full-Time MBA, and is joined by his wife, who is also undertaking a degree at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art.

Why Imperial College Business School?

“For me, Imperial is not the typical MBA. It is focused on experiential learning, and they have this out of the box thinking criteria: be different, take chances. This is the only programme I saw that offers design thinking and innovative problem solving as a core subject. I love it because I come from a very creative environment and I want to keep being creative. I believe this university is the perfect platform for me to learn all those things.”

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