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Our September 2018 Global Online MBA cohort joined us on campus earlier this month, commencing their two-year programme with Induction Week.

The on-campus Induction Week gives Global Online MBA students the chance to form networks with their peers, meet the faculty and get together with their assigned syndicate groups, who they’ll work closely with on group projects for the next year. Having completed Induction Week, students will now undertake their studies online, when and where they choose – be it from home, work or during their daily commute.

Class profile

This year’s cohort is made up of 70 talented individuals, and 37% of the class are female. Students hail from a range of industry backgrounds, including oil and gas, IT, banking and media. With an average of 11 years of work experience and an average age of 35, the class will benefit from the extensive experience and knowledge of their peers.

The flexibility of the Global Online MBA enables a truly a global learning environment. The cohort is comprised of students from 35 nationalities, with 72% of students coming from outside of the UK, reflecting the ease of studying the programme from anywhere in the world.

Induction Week programme

Induction Week kicked off with a fast-paced, interactive game. For many students it was one of the highlights of the week, as personalities were revealed and the competitive spirit of students shone through.

The cohort were assigned teams and each given different and incomplete information that they had to use in order to maximise the trade of their resources (play money, fake gems and chips) with other teams.

For Tallulah Smith, it was one of the best icebreakers she’d ever taken part in.

It really loosened everyone up. You were initially sitting in a room, looking at the back of people’s heads and suddenly you’re face-to-face with everyone. It wasn’t just ‘what do you do for work?’ – you got to know people a lot better.

Ersin Yildirim appreciated the association between what the game represented and how the Global Online MBA course would be run, encompassing aspects of teamwork and the importance of communication.

Induction week also included lectures, case study workshops, a full-day session focused on personal leadership, and industry guest speakers.

One of the sessions that had an impact on me was the Global Diversity and Unconscious Bias lecture, which involved understanding our own strengths and discussing them with people who have similar strengths. It’s interesting to know how people use their strengths in a different manner,” said Subhadra Monga.

The Induction Week programme also featured a Tea Party to welcome all new MBA students to the Business School, and a formal dinner where students networked with their peers as well as the faculty.

Matt Phillips
Policy Advisor and Commander, US Navy
Washington DC, US

Matt will be studying from Washington D.C. where he currently works and lives. Matt has had a successful career in the U.S. Navy with varied roles, including Technical Lead for aircraft carriers on the Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board, and more recently, as a White House Fellow where he liaised with individuals and organisations on the Vice President’s behalf.

“I have a very technical background. My undergraduate is in computer science and my post-graduate degrees are in network security, computer science and nuclear engineering. The more senior you get in the Navy, the more parts of it start to look like a business – you have to make good decisions on programme acquisitions and finance constraints. 

I wanted to study at a top-tier school that had global exposure and diversity, as well as being competitive. Looking at my cohort, there are 35 different countries represented, from different backgrounds, ranging from Oil to Finance and Government service. There’s such a great diversity within the class.”

Sara Moradi, PhD
Tokamak Operations Expert and Research Analyst, Joint European Torus
Culham, United Kingdom

A Research Analyst and Plasma Operations Expert with over 11 years of experience in academia and thermonuclear fusion energy research, Sara has worked in various roles from researcher to operations expert at the largest fusion experiment in the world.

“In my field, I feel we’re all scientists doing scientific work, but we’re also scientists trying to be managers. We don’t necessarily see the potential of how we should focus our endeavours to actually deliver the project at the end of the day. We need to become more understanding of management and business, and how we can be more efficient.

I chose the Global Online MBA because I wanted to study in parallel with working. There aren’t that many universities that can provide a world-renowned programme that’s prestigious enough for me to show that I got an MBA from there. The programme was also recommended to me by a colleague who started a year earlier. She explained how she’d searched for different programmes and that the Hub learning platform was user-friendly and easy to work with to study the courses.”

Brian Farrell
Director of Technology and Innovation, York House School
Vancouver, Canada

Brian’s background is in education, where he is currently in a leadership role in a prominent independent school, where he manages projects and initiatives across the organisation.

“I decided to do an MBA to open new opportunities, and different career pathways – building my understanding of leadership and management. I chose Imperial’s Global Online MBA because of the flexibility of the programme, the reputation of the programme itself and working with such a diverse and dynamic group of students.

I’m looking forward to connecting with the other students, who are going to be my colleagues for the next two years.”

Subhadra Monga
Capital Planning, Royal Bank of Scotland
London, United Kingdom

Subhadra’s background is in Treasury, with experience in asset liability modelling, hedging, secured funding strategies, such as securitisation, and capital planning. She is currently involved in strategic projects that impact the banking industry, including the Independent Commission on Banking reforms and Brexit.

“Studying an MBA is a powerful tool for career acceleration, career change, or if you’re looking at entrepreneurship. I’m looking to explore all three options and to also develop my leadership skills and strategic thinking.

I did research on other online MBAs, but the Imperial Global Online MBA stood out because of its flexibility. My work tends to get very busy at different points throughout the year, and the programme allows me to fit it in with my work routine. With the Global Online MBA you’re also able to develop a global network with people from around the world which is fantastic.”

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