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The MSc Management Advisory Board is made up of top professionals who review and advise on the programme objectives and modules. The members of the Board draw on their industry experience to ensure the programme content is current and students are equipped for real work challenges after graduation.

We would like to introduce you to some of the members of the Board who have top positions at Burberry, Google, Siemens and Ernst & Young.

Rajeev Aikkara is the Vice President of Technology for Digital, Marketing and Customer at Burberry. He is very experienced in customer experience technology strategy, focusing on delivering world class solutions. In his previous role he was the Head of Technology – Digital Experience at ASOS.com. Rajeev’s educational background is in software engineering.

My role at Burberry is to lead the technology side in our journey to deliver our vision. Digital is a big part of the business and is constantly growing. We are living in an age where technologies constantly evolve at speed, with that evolution the expectations from customers are also changing. This presents huge opportunities as well as some risks, so a big part of my role is to build a culture that can embrace and thrive in this world.

My biggest accomplishment to date is my role at Burberry. Burberry is the biggest British fashion brand with an amazing history. We sit at the perfect intersection point of creativity, technology and commerce. I am also very proud of what we achieved as a team at ASOS.

As a member of the MSc Management Advisory Board, my biggest area of focus is making sure students get the right blend of topics that prepare them for today’s exciting times. This manifests itself in any debate on curriculum. One important area of focus is about analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) more broadly and how deeply students need to consider them during the programme.

On one hand, ensuring the programme is relevant and up to date is a challenge, but on the other hand, the fundamentals of management and leadership has not changed. So I approach this very much from the angle of what emerging things should be of consideration for changes to curriculum. For instance, we cannot ignore power of AI. Next generation leaders need to know more about this and the opportunities/risks this brings.

Imperial has such a rich history in science, this association is quite unique and game changing in a number of ways. Also, London is one of the best places in the world when it comes to innovation, creativity and enterprise.

For students considering an MSc Management at Imperial College Business School, I would say that they need to ask themselves what exactly are they seeking and figure out how this programme can help.

David Keene is the Head of Strategy & Operations at the Google Academy where he leads the day-to-day strategy and operations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). He has over 20 years’ experience with global enterprise software vendors including Google, Oracle, SAP and Salesforce.com. David completed his Executive MBA at Imperial College Business School in 2012.

David leads the strategy for the Google Academy who delivers client and agency enablement to support digital transformation and customer success with Google technologies and services.

My biggest accomplishment to date will always be about the team. Recruiting and building a super high performing team is the hardest thing any of us can do. Individual deliverables and projects are great for launches and landings, but the thing I would hope to be remembered for is building great teams and growing people.

On the MSc Management Advisory Board, we regularly meet and review the strategy and the achievements of the programme. Our contribution is to act as a critical friend to the programme and to ask really hard but constructive questions and help the leaders achieve their goals with the support of our coaching.

The thing that I love about Imperial is the connection between business and science. Imperial’s strength in engineering, technology, biology and science is amazing. Linking business to these strengths is unique.

In your life you will have very few really major moments that matter. Studying at Imperial is one of those moments. You have the opportunity to reflect, learn and do something that takes you to the next level. If you are ready for change and want to put the energy into your own success then I’d recommend studying an MSc Management at Imperial College Business School.

Mark Higham has worked at Siemens for over 30 years. He is a sales-orientated business leader who delivers profitable growth in an industrial B2B technology environment. Mark has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London.

I lead a multi-disciplined team that delivers products, systems and solutions to the process industries such as the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Water, Oil & Gas sectors. We help our customers improve their productivity, increase their flexibility, reduce their time-to-market and enhance their product quality through the deployment of Digitalisation (Industry 4.0) technology combined with our know-how.

My biggest accomplishment to date is securing a long-term agreement with Rolls-Royce aerospace to deliver a manufacturing operations management solution across their global production facilities.

As a member of the MSc Management Advisory Board, I bring perspective based on my years of experience gained in a leading technology company operating in an industrial B2B environment. I reflect on the different challenges that I face as a leader in a fast-changing, volatile market and seek to highlight the skills that students need to develop to be successful.

On the Imperial College Business School MSc Management programme, students can get a world-class education with a highly practical element which makes it totally relevant to today’s management challenges.

Sara Hirsch is a Director at EY. She has over 20 years’ multi-disciplinary experience in communications and engagement and holds an MBA from the University of Westminster.

I lead the Communications and Engagement Practice in the People Advisory Services business in EY. I work with a fantastic team of around 15 people who deliver change communications programmes to clients in the public and private sector who are transforming their business in a range of different ways.

Apart from my wonderful 17 year old son, my biggest accomplishment has to be the journey that has been my career – from international education, into the charity sector, propelled into the private sector following an MBA, then delivering corporate positioning activity for clients such as BP, catapulted into the world of defence and security and currently advising clients in one of the great big four firms.

The Advisory Board is a very dynamic group of people and I am able to share my insights to influence the kind of content we should expose our students to and what a company like EY is looking for in the people we now hire. The programme leadership makes sure the Advisory Board are fully informed about the programme and I also keep one eye on what else is out there in the market, traditional and non-traditional, to inform our discussions about the future of the programme.

At Imperial College Business School, students get immersed in one of the most diverse and dynamic capital cities in the world at a University that has a great track record in preparing students for top-flight careers.

For students considering an MSc Management, my advice is to look closely at the programme, the content and the commitment and make sure you are 110% committed to giving it your all.

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