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For the first time ever, London has beaten Montreal to take the top spot in the QS rankings as the Best Student City. This doesn’t come as a surprise to us or our students, we have known for years that London is the best city in the world to study!

Imperial College Business School is located in the heart of London in the picturesque and regal borough of South Kensington. On our doorstep is the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum the Victoria & Albert Museum and Royal Albert Hall.

A five minute stroll will take you to the famous Hyde Park gardens, and further down the road you can visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace. There’s so much going on around Imperial and that’s one small part of this thriving metropolis.

London ranked number one in part due to the incredible cultural confluence of the city. We are proud to boast a global cohort who reflect our multicultural city.

Aligned with our diverse cohort, we attract the best business minds from around the globe to teach as our faculty. Discover what attracted some of our international staff to live and work in London and how they get a taste of home in this city.

Professor Francisco Veloso, Dean of Imperial College Business School

Nationality: Portuguese

What attracted you to live and work in London?

I came to London attracted by an opportunity to work in a leading global institution based in London, which is Imperial College. And, indeed this is representative of one of the great London assets: the presence of a wide array of top global institutions in education, arts, and many other areas, as well as leading firms across all sectors. The other very attractive element of London is its diverse and multicultural nature. Having worked in several large US cities for many years, London is the place in Europe where you can find as much and perhaps even more diversity.

Where in London is your favourite place/restaurant that reminds you of home (Portugal)?

In London, I like to look for and try to find different places from home, as I can always fly back for a weekend when I miss Portugal. So, being good foodies, my wife and I very much appreciate the great ethnic restaurants in almost every corner. Lately we have been exploring the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean offerings!

Leila Guerra, Associate Dean of Programmes

Nationality: Spanish

What attracted you to live and work in London?

Living and working in London is a truly unique and life-changing experience. I came here for the first time 20 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. For three months I enjoyed student life and immersed myself in the broad cultural offers of the city: concerts, theatre, dance. No other city in the world has the variety and exciting range of experiences for a young adult. You are surrounded by beautiful, historical buildings…and at the same time experiencing the latest trends and vibes!

When I came back in 2013 for professional reasons, I moved with my family. Having young kids, it was all about the parks, museums, trying different foods (I still remember my three-year-old son learning how to use chopsticks in Chinatown). I discovered a very different London, a new home.

Honestly, when you work in Business Education, London is where it all happens. Nowhere in the world will you find such a global community of top companies, high talented faculty, students and professional staff. It’s just part of the convening power of London. Having lived in eight countries and three continents, I’m more convinced than ever that London is the place to be!

Where in London is your favourite place/restaurant that reminds you of home (Spain)?

My favourite place that reminds me of Spain is Borough Market. It has such a vibrant and energetic feeling to it, full of different flavours and colours, foods and people! Best plan on a Sunday is to walk from Blackfriars by the riverside until you end up in Borough Market for lunch!

Another great “Spanish-feeling” place is Portobello Road Market, which by the way has a fantastic Spanish supermarket. The perfect place to get some provisions of ham, cheese and all the ingredients you need to prepare a real Paella at home!

Dr Paolo Taticchi, Director of the Weekend MBA and Global Online MBA

Nationality: Italian

What attracted you to live and work in London?

  1. The vibe of the place. London is a happening place. Culturally speaking it’s very vibrant and energetic and that’s attractive
  2. It’s a place where professionally you get many opportunities, far more than in Europe which is due to two things. First, the presence in London – the largest organisations and governing bodies are here. That creates an incredible market for employment. London has a very competitive job market but at the same time, it’s very meritocratic one. In London you get high potential to get the opportunity to succeed. That’s why many people move to London with the hope to find their dream job or to accelerate their career, as was my case
  3. There is a huge concentration of talent in London. To prospective students who want to study an MBA, you want to be in a place like London. Simply by going to the pub you will meet incredible people. There is a really incredible concentration of talented people here that makes the city very interesting

Where in London is your favourite place/restaurant that reminds you of home (Italy)?

You get plenty of nice Italian places, the Italian community in London is huge. There are two places that come to mind. One is a very old place in Covent Garden called Giovanni’s – very authentic food from Sicily. The owner is a celebrity chef and it’s a place where many VIPs, Italians and non-Italians go because they get the Italian hospitality in London.

Also Cantina del Ponte in Tower Bridge. It’s proper, authentic Italian food and hospitality. The environment is a more classic, corporate British environment. It’s an interesting place with the fusion of the economic Italian and British culture. The food is Italian, but the hospitality is representative of both Italian and British.

Professor Andreas Eisingerich, Programme Director of the Full-Time MBA

Nationality: Austrian

What attracted you to live and work in London?

London is exciting, exhilarating, exhausting at times, but always full of energy and colour. The pace in London is punishing and that is not a bad thing. London is highly diverse and whatever one is looking for, one can find it in London. All that said, in one word why I am still a Londoner? Imperial. All the adjectives for London… “exciting, exhilarating, exhausting at times, but always full of energy and colour” that’s Imperial for me and the people I am privileged to meet.

Where in London is your favourite place/restaurant that reminds you of home (Austria)?

For me it is not a particular restaurant or place in London but the people I am with. London attracts young, driven, adventurous people from all over the world. And so does Imperial. The funny thing is that London grows on you in a way.

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