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John Trieste is studying MSc Finance at Imperial College Business School and is a recipient of the Dean’s Fund. John shares why he chose Imperial College Business School, what he plans to do next, and the value of receiving financial support from Imperial’s alumni and friends.

Why did you choose to study at Imperial College Business School?

My first priority was finding a competitive programme. I wanted to make sure that I was pushing myself to learn challenging topics in an intense environment with other students who were as dedicated to learning as myself. The Business School’s ability to place students at top investment banks and consulting firms was also crucial in my decision-making process. 

What are you enjoying most about your time at Imperial College Business School?

I have never really cared about beautiful old buildings or amazing sports teams. I enjoy being with other students who are willing to push themselves to learn. It feels great to know that I am with some of the best students in the world. Students who will go on to be leaders, innovators, and pioneers in their respective fields of study.

Could you describe your research for me?

I am currently working on a publication with a co-author, Hany Guirguis, from my undergraduate institution, Manhattan College. The work was been submitted to the Journal of Real Estate Economics earlier this year and has been returned to us with suggestions for improvement. Titled, “An Analysis of QE on MBS Yields”, the work tries to quantitatively assess the impact of a variety of factors on long term interest rates in the United States, particularly mortgage backed securities. We believe conclusions drawn from this study will be useful for policy makers trying to anticipate the effects of the incipient tightening of financial conditions.   

Do you have any ideas at the moment about what you may want to do after you finish your degree?

During the summer of 2015, I was fortunately able to intern at a small hedge fund, Weiss Multi Strategy Advisers LLC. I found that the work there is very thoughtful, intense, and interesting, and would like to make a career in the hedge fund industry. I would like to work for a fund immediately after graduation but often individuals have to work briefly at investment banks to get the requisite experience before moving on.

How have you used your hardship funding? How has it impacted your time at the Business School?

It would have been close to impossible for me to attend Imperial College Business School without the help of the Dean’s Hardship Fund. It has taken a lot of pressure off of my family. This is also the first time I have been able to attend college without having to hold a part-time job. Not only has the funding freed up more time for me to focus on my studies, but it has alleviated the stress that comes from constantly worrying about money.

Do you have a message for the alumni and friends whose generosity helps fund hardship funding for MSc students?

I think that some of the best students are those who have to struggle for something in life. People who help pay for their education and see that their families are making serious sacrifices are motived to make the most of college. I know that I could not have received the education I have without the generosity of others and when I am older, I fully intend on doing my part to help students of humble means attain the education they deserve. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Learn more about giving to the Dean’s Fund at Imperial College Business School.

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