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Our Weekend MBA is a unique programme that allows you to continue your career, balancing studying at Imperial in London one weekend a month. During the 21-month programme, you will apply your MBA learnings in real-time and accelerate your career.

The Weekend MBA attracts a class of ambitious professions from every industry. The programme also boasts a highly diverse cohort, the students in the class of 2019-20 are 67% international.

There’s no one better to give an insight into the programme than the students themselves. Some of our Weekend MBA students from the current and graduating class share their programme highlights.

Applying my new knowledge to the technology space

"“Undertaking the Weekend MBA programme whilst navigating a corporate career is akin to constantly receiving training at work that directly and indirectly advances your performance. I’ve taken learnings from the core modules in Strategy, Organisational Behaviour and Innovation, and directly applied them to my responsibilities at work. As the programme touches so many subject areas, I’ve found myself more able to engage in a broader range of discussions, applying my new knowledge to what’s happening at a micro and macro level in the technology space and the world at large.”"
Becky George-David, Weekend MBA 2019-20
Vice President, JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Becky George-David, Weekend MBA

My professional coming out

" “Joining the Weekend MBA programme has been a very smart decision. It has been a truly transformative experience to me and helped me significantly improve my employee profile by adding a global perspective, entrepreneurial skills and technological edge. Also, the programme transformed me personally by creating a supportive environment for my professional coming out. I founded and chaired the Imperial LGBTQ+ Career Club and created strong bonds with several LGBTQ+ top talent in the Business School.”"
Ivan Kovynyov, Weekend MBA 2018-19
Manager, kobaltblau Management Consu
Ivan Kovynyov

Diversifying my skillset

"“Embarking on the Weekend MBA has really helped me to diversify my skillset. I am now in a new role very different from my background in my previous Master's, and the modules and experience have helped me to get on board quickly. Also, I was able to grow and expand my network with a great group of people in my core cohort, as well as those in the other MBA programmes and Imperial alumni.”"
Melissa Myland, Weekend MBA 2018-19
Associate Key Account Director, IQVIA

Innovation, entrepreneurship, climate change and sustainability

"“For me, the Imperial Weekend MBA is not just another academic pursuit, it is a complete experience that has brought remarkable growth in key areas of my professional life including academic knowledge, confidence, career prospects, a network of brilliant minds – you name it! One of the amazing features of the programme is the unique way in which it incorporates the relevant and most important topics in the business world today; innovation, entrepreneurship, climate change and sustainability. Winning business strategies today all pay close attention to these topics.”"
Uchenna Ibe, Weekend MBA 2019-20
Offshore Project Engineer, Iberdrola

Developing the skills and entrepreneurial mindset to overcome today’s challenges

"“I joined the Weekend MBA at Imperial College Business School as I wanted to develop the skills and entrepreneurial mindset to overcome today’s challenges that will allow me to contribute more in my career. What has been a real highlight for me during the programme is the ability to digest the material and apply it in practice within work and any external projects. As the Weekend MBA is spread out longer than the Full-Time MBA, it gives me more time to take in the content and consolidate it further, rather than trying to cram in the teachings before the next lecture.”"
Alex Broad, Weekend MBA 2019-20
Senior Consultant, CACI Ltd