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At Imperial College Business School, we know that managing the Weekend MBA with your already busy life will test your time management skills. 

The Imperial Weekend MBA allows you to accelerate and develop your career, balancing study at Imperial College in London with a demanding job. That’s not to say it’s easy to fit a two-year MBA around your existing work and personal commitments, but with our Weekend MBA programme we make it as easy as possible. Fitting an MBA around your existing work and personal commitments requires skilled time management and, perhaps, some lifestyle changes but for many a part-time MBA presents a unique opportunity to rapidly develop your business acumen without forfeiting on income.

We asked second year Imperial Weekend MBA students to give their top highlights of the programme, as well as tips on scheduling the MBA around their work and personal lives, developing key time management skills, and advancing their careers whilst studying the Weekend MBA. At the end, they pass on their pearls of wisdom to prospective students.

The Imperial MBA experience

The format of our Weekend MBA mixes regular monthly interaction with peers and faculty with the opportunity to immediately apply your growing knowledge to your current role.

Laura Arribas, Weekend MBA 2016-17

I really valued the fact that Imperial College Business School is a Business School within a prestigious university covering other subjects like Engineering or Medicine which, in my view, provides a richer experience. The Weekend MBA at Imperial also offered the perfect schedule as I knew I wanted to do it on campus while working.

Combining lectures with group work allows you to experiment in cross-cultural teams, forming strong networks and gaining diverse perspectives. In your second year you can tailor your MBA to your interests, career aspirations and lifestyle by choosing from our wide range of electives. Many electives can be undertaken either at our London campus or through The Hub, our online learning platform. This gives you even greater flexibility with the time you choose to spend on campus.

Ade Onitolo, Weekend MBA 2016-17

I am making a lot of progress on applying the core skills I learned in the first year to more specialised electives such as Sustainable Business Development, Design Management and Entrepreneurship.

Real business application, immediately

Weekend MBA student Caroline Holloway says:

I have learned so many subjects that I haven’t ever learned before in a structured setting. I have really enjoyed learning about Organisational Behaviour, there is so much that goes into building and maintaining a strong culture within an organisation. I have also grappled with economics and accounting, I had to work really hard on them but learning the subjects was a great learning curve. An added bonus is that they have already come in handy in my day job.

Being able to continue working while studying gives you the unique ability to apply what you’re learning instantly to your current role. This not only helps with your understanding of topics covered in class but also benefits your company.

Developing superior time management skills

The added pressure to your daily life that studying a part-time MBA brings means being prepared and organised is incredibly important to make sure you not only get the most out of the programme, but that you can ensure other commitments in your work and personal life are met.

Imperial’s flexible, relevant and London-based programme gives graduates the leading edge in a complex and competitive business environment, you can study at a world-leading university without having to relocate.

Laura Arribas, Weekend MBA 2016-17

It can be difficult at times but it’s all about organising yourself and making compromises. Doing an MBA is a big commitment but it also helps you to become very efficient and make the most of any time you have.

Caroline Holloway, Weekend MBA 2016-17

You have to make plenty of sacrifices to achieve what you want to get out of the MBA. The first few months are the most intense, but after that you will start to get the hang of it, prioritising what is an absolute necessity and what is nice to have, and organising your time accordingly.

Natalie Pullin, Weekend MBA 2016-17

It was difficult in the first term because it’s the most amount of work in the first term and you are still adjusting to having to do this course while working… I’ve had to be very good at prioritising. At work, I’ve had to be much more specific about what I’m doing and when.

Despite the challenges of balancing study and work commitments our students are finding that the benefits of an Imperial MBA are far outweighing any short-term challenges.

Caroline Holloway, Weekend MBA 2016-17

The most rewarding part is when I get to share what I have learned with my team at work or I’m able to have input on areas that I would not have felt confident enough to have an opinion on before I joined the programme.

Ade Onitolo, Weekend MBA 2016-17

I am a lot more comfortable with developing strategy, making it happen and improving my chances of making it a success. Almost all the courses that I have taken are contributing to making me a more strategic leader.

A diverse network of brilliant minds

Our MBA students are not only great candidates but they come from diverse backgrounds, industries and nationalities. You’ll be studying alongside students that will provide you with different points of view and you’ll leave with a network of connections across the world.

Leaning on this network and supporting each other throughout the programme is important for building relationships and learning from other people’s experiences.

Natalie Pullin, Weekend MBA 2016-17

My fellow Weekend MBA students are a real mixed bag of brilliant people all shapes and sizes. There are people from all over the world from all sorts of industries and roles.

Caroline Holloway,  Weekend MBA 2016-17

The great thing about such a diverse group is that you can always call on someone for help, whether that’s an accountant for help with accounting revision or a foot in the door when you are trying to look for employment.

Imperial’s proximity to the City of London, the capitals financial and business hub, means that we have close partnerships and strong connections with many of the world’s top companies, and you’ll have access to these to help expand your network.

Opportunities for rapid career progression during the MBA

Our dedicated Careers & Professional Development Service are there to help you throughout the programme, formulating strategies and helping you to reach your goals, personally and professionally. As you continue to work while studying you’re able to explore immediate growth opportunities within your workplace.

Dee Ònásanwó, Weekend MBA 2016-17

As a women, getting an MBA is going to help you gain the confidence to go after leadership roles.

Natalie Pullin, Weekend MBA 2016-17

The MBA has not only made me better at my job, it has made me better at life as well, because you are forced to deal with many different considerations, you are pushed to the edge in terms of balancing work and life.

Matthew Hobbs, Weekend MBA 2016-17

The MBA had an immediate impact on my job prospects. Before even finishing the first year I was able to secure an interim role in BT’s Group Transformation team. Following this, I secured another contract role running a finance transformation project at mid-cap Telecoms firm, overhauling their back office systems and organisational structure, combining knowledge gained from my MBA and previous roles.

Advice for the 2018 cohort

What tips do our very first Weekend MBA students have for others looking to do a Weekend MBA?

Natalie Pullin, Weekend MBA 2016-17

The whole thing is about trying to be as organised as possible within the capacity of your life. Be patient and kind with your loved ones, because it’s mayhem and you’re trying to find time to spend with each other.

Laura Arribas, Weekend MBA 2016-17

If you want to do it, go for it! It will never be the perfect time to start an MBA but, in my opinion, it is worth it. I would also recommend having a routine to study and ensure you make time for sports or other physical activity to help your mind keep energised

Imperial’s part-time MBA programmes

The Weekend MBA is just one of our flexible MBA programmes. We also offer the Executive MBA and the Global Online MBA, each of which have varying degrees of online and on-campus commitments.

The Executive MBA is specifically designed for senior executives and helps develop the ability to lead innovation and leverage opportunities whilst exposing you to a global business network.

The Global Online MBA is delivered in a flexible online format focusing on innovative thinking and new technology.

Both these programmes are flexible, part-time formats using the online learning tool, The Hub, to facilitate easy access to resources.

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