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Imperial is comprised of a very diverse student-base, coming from around the world and from a variety of professional backgrounds. While we pride ourselves on our student diversity there are several distinctive traits that allow MBA candidates to stand out from the crowd.

Intellectual ability and a strong professional track record are essential but there are also three attributes that the Admissions Committee look for when selecting candidates for all of the Imperial MBA’s – leadership, innovation and collaboration.

These three traits; leadership, innovation and collaboration, promote our values: the Business School combines innovative thinking and insight with new technology to develop practical solutions to real world issues, benefiting business and improving society.


We are looking for candidates who exhibit strong leadership potential throughout their academic and professional experience. Leadership can take many forms: perhaps you were selected for a leadership programme at work? Have you launched a new business venture? Have you captained a sports team or lead a voluntary project? We’re looking for anything which demonstrates your ability to lead, inspire and motivate others. Our MBA students have the leadership potential to succeed in business as well as create new opportunities and be trailblazers for others. We want candidates with these qualities and the drive and ambition to change the world for the better.


As part of one of the world’s greatest STEM universities with a global reputation for pioneering research, innovation is at the centre of everything we do at the Business School. We want to continue being at the forefront of innovation and advancement in all areas and are looking for students who are passionate about innovative and entrepreneurial thinking to unlock business opportunities.

Whatever your background, if you are a bold, original thinker, you will fit into the class well and have many opportunities to exercise your creativity through innovation and entrepreneurship core modules and electives, the Innovation Challenge, access to the Enterprise Lab and London’s thriving start-up scene. You can illustrate your innovation and entrepreneurship through any entrepreneurial ventures in your career so far, academic projects, hobbies or your post-MBA aspirations.


Whilst we expect individual excellence from all our MBA candidates, the culture at Imperial is collaborative success focused. Throughout the programme, working well with your cohort, in syndicate teams and project teams will enable you to achieve so much more than you could by yourself. We are looking for people who will make a positive contribution to our community and find ways to enrich the MBA experience for their whole cohort by being highly engaged inside and outside the classroom – whether it’s through exchanging ideas, utilising your network or organising activities. Your MBA classmates will become part of your lifelong network, so it’s as important to you as it is to us that we get this right.

If you share these characteristics and meet the entry criteria for one of our four MBA programmes, wed love you to apply. You can start your application now or meet us at an event or individual consultation to find out more about Imperial College London, the Business School and our MBA programmes. Visiting the campus in South Kensington can provide you with great insight into College and student life and get a feel for what it’s like to be a student of Imperial College Business School. Speaking to students and alumni is another great way to discover more about the core modules, work load and group project throughout the programmes.

Just as we are assessing your fit to our ethos and values, you will be doing the same with us, and attending an on-campus information session or another event around the world can help you determine if Imperial is right for you.

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