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Summer School at Imperial is a unique opportunity to study for three weeks (or up to six if you want twice the fun!) at a global top ten ranked university in the heart of London. Combining teaching from our world-class faculty with networking and social opportunities, it’s no wonder that past students have called it “the GREATEST experience ever”.

From June to August this year, we are offering three Summer School courses. Running for three weeks per session, you can choose to study just one course, or one from each session, including Business AnalyticsPrinciples of Finance and Business Strategy & Consulting 

With everything that’s happening in 2021, you might still be wondering whether Summer School is for you. To help you decide, we took a look at what the benefits are of spending Summer at Imperial, and how doing so could help you reach your goals in more ways than one.

Study your way

For the first time ever we’re giving you two study formats to choose from on all of our Summer School courses. Join us in beautiful South Kensington, London, for a mix of online and on-campus teaching sessions and meet your classmates face-to-face, or jump in from anywhere in the world with fully online delivery of classes.

If you join remotely, you'll still be able to attend all your classes live with your classmates. So depending on your personal choice or circumstance, how you study is your decision to make!

Expand your global network with lifelong friends

Our Summer School programme has always been about more than just the academics. No matter the study format, you’ll spend three intense yet hugely enjoyable weeks tackling challenges and picking up new skills with a group of likeminded individuals from all around the world. This means plenty of chatting, debating, planning and supporting one another to make the most out of this unique shared opportunity.

While networking is a fundamental part of business, it can be quite nerve-wracking when you first give it a go. Summer School allows you to not only build your network in a friendly and relaxed environment, but also practice this vital career-enhancing skill. What’s more, you’ll be inducted into the brave new world of online meetings and discussions, leaving you fully prepared for today’s blended workplaces!

Give yourself an edge and boost your resume

Set yourself apart from the crowd and invest in your own development with a meaningful and practical learning experience that few others may have the time to invest in. Whether your next stage is work or further study, having a focused, subject-specific period of additional study at a top-10 globally ranked institution can only be a positive in the eyes of a future recruiter/manager/admissions officer!

Perhaps you’re coming from a non-business background and want to kick-start that pivot into a new industry, maybe you want a deep dive on a particular area like finance, or maybe you’re a budding entrepreneur looking for ways to bring the ideas in your head to life. No matter your motivation, you’ll find Summer School a hugely enriching experience in more ways than one.

Get a truly hands-on experience

Due to their condensed nature, it’s not uncommon for some summer programmes to be entirely theory-based, leaving you to read or imagine the practical implications without truly experiencing them.

Imperial is different. We present the ideas and theories and then show you how to use them in practise. This method is so effective we even see some students returning to Imperial for another year of Summer School so they can get even more experience utilising those skills!

The practical nature of the courses gives you the ability to speak the right language in your chosen area. The aim is not to make you an expert in your topic, but to teach you the language and practical application of these areas in preparation for the next stage in your journey. Whether you’re looking for a better understanding of broader topics such as analytics, finance, and strategy, or more specialist areas, you’ll leave with a well-rounded toolkit to help propel you even further.

A course built around you

Imperial has numerous advantages and benefits that separate us from the many other summer schools out there. One of our distinguishing features is our smaller size. We regulate our intake of students to ensure that you get a personal and tailored approach and can develop real connections both within the cohort and with the people who teach you.

The faculty who teach our Summer School courses also teach on our MBA and Master’s programmes. You also have the chance to hear from incredible guest speakers who are leaders in their industry.

For students who would like to study their Master’s or an MBA at Imperial in the future, making your mark in the school before you even apply will make your application stand out.

It's FUN!

Not only is Summer School 2021 sure to be an enriching experience for both your academic and career advancement, but it also promises to hit one of this summer’s most important objectives – fun!

After a year of unprecedented turbulence, we’re incredibly excited to be offering our Summer School courses this year. With new subjects, innovative delivery methods, and the always-present feeling of excitement and possibility that accompanies this time of year, there’s never been a better time to invest in yourself and make it a Summer to remember.

Apply now to secure your place and make your mark at Imperial College Business School.

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