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For the last 10 years, the MSc Management programme at Imperial College Business School has played a key role in educating future generations of leaders in business and society.

Launched in October 2005, the programme is today globally recognized for the diversity of students, its rigorous general management curriculum and the hands-on practical experience offered to participants.

Designed for non-business graduates, the programme has been regularly acknowledged as being among the top 3 MSc Management programmes in the UK and top 20 in the world.

The story of the MSc Management

The story of the MSc Management is one of many great achievements.

Almost 1,300 students from around the globe have graduated from the programme and secured leading positions in various industries worldwide.

The impact created by these leaders is remarkable. The co-founding of Groupon International by Rajen Ruparell and the vaccine revolution triggered by Vibin Joseph are two great examples of innovative and responsible leadership of our Management alumni.

Driven by its strong reputation, today the programme attracts more than 1300 applications per year from top students.

Admitting the right students onto the programme is crucial: we select only the best students, and we empower them with the managerial tools and skills to succeed. When recruiting, not only do we assess their academic robustness, but we also look for their “Imperial-Factor” ­­- that is the desire to drive change, to push innovation to limits and to create a positive impact for society. We want students who have the ambition to change the world, and the skills to do it.

The programme has changed significantly over the years. It has explored new pedagogies and piloted new technologies for teaching and learning. Remarkable examples include the introduction of a business simulation module, the launch of innovative pathways such as one on Digital Business, and the integration of hands-on practical activities in the curriculum such as the Consulting Projects that today constitute a distinctive feature of the programme.

A look to the future

We believe the days of being a standalone MSc programme are over, and we believe in a new generation of young leaders that will leverage management as a discipline to integrate knowledge from other fields.

The choice made ten years ago of launching a management programme specifically designed for non-business graduates turned out to be a visionary decision. In fact, today’s driver in any type of business is innovation at all levels, and innovation calls for open-minded thinkers that look at problems, ideas and dreams from different and unconventional perspectives.

In this regard, Imperial College is the perfect environment for forging this new generation of thinkers. A great example of this is the new series of events that has been designed for the MSc Management entitled “Future by Imperial”, where students are exposed to some of the biggest challenges in engineering, medicine and natural sciences to develop an understanding of these issues, explore business opportunities and open their mindset.

Moving forward, we want to retain our unique selling points but be more flexible and allow students to be able to choose a programme that is truly tailored to their needs.

For these reasons, our vision over the coming years is that in addition to providing more choice through electives, students will be able to choose modules from other programmes in the School, the College and other universities across the globe by partnering with some of the best institutions worldwide.

Last but not least, we want to push the use of new technologies including online, mobile and social networking to their limits. There is an incredible world of opportunities that technology in general offers to improve the teaching and learning experience. Being the Business School at Imperial College London, the development and use of innovative technologies lies in our DNA, and we see the potential of this in management education.

As always, the MSc Management programme will aim to be a first mover of innovative practices in management education.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary

The Business School will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the MSc Management at the National Gallery on May 21st. The event will feature a keynote by Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Lotus Group, and a presentation of awards to alumni who have distinguished themselves in supporting the growth of the Programme and the School.

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