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After more than half a year’s preparation, GameChangers: An Event about Business, Technology, and Sports, came to fruition on 17 May 2017. The student-led conference welcomed twenty panelists and 100 attendees, who all spoke highly of the event’s diverse topics that were being shared and learned.

Centered around the theme of “The Fusion of Business & Technology”, GameChangers is the School’s second Student-Led conference, with the vision to address the challenges and opportunities facing start-ups and industry leaders at the intersection of sports, media, and technology.

Jas Chana
Scott Fenton

A student-led conference not to be missed

For attendees interested in sports marketing and sports content production, GameChangers was an event not to be missed. Thought leaders in the industry, such as Ben Nicholas, SVP of IMG, Scott Fenton, Marketing Director at UFC, and David Tossell, Director of Public Affairs at NFL, along with other high-profile professionals, shared the strategies they followed to engage their target audience in today’s omni-channel digital age. The panelists talked openly about creative sports broadcasting, growing a sports league internationally, and the use of technology and sports for brands such as Nike and Adidas.

The conference started with a panel discussion on “The Future of Human Achievement”, in which founders and senior executives from innovative companies such as Roborace (driverless electric racing car manufacturer) came together to discuss the future application of artificial intelligence and quantum computing. The panel on augmented reality and virtual reality also earned high audience engagement, in which Luke Zaki, Senior Brand Manager of Blippar (augmented reality for branding and marketing) demonstrated Blippar’s interactive features live.

In addition to the technological aspect, the conference also brought speakers from the venture capital and innovation consulting industry such as Jas Chana, Founder of Upstart, to talk about the ecosystem of the health and wearable technology industry. Further, the organising committee invited founders from 8J’s and Open Gym, along with the Create Programme Manager of Imperial’s Enterprise Lab, to share what it takes to build a business from zero to one. These talks presented the expansive power of advanced technology, and equally importantly, the human and financial capital required to make it come true. As Ben Jones, founder of QuantumX said, “the only thing that inhibits human progression is human mentality.”

As we enjoyed the end of the event with drinks and snacks at the atrium to the Business School, I talked to multiple attendees, speakers, and fellow committee members. The positive feedback from everyone made all the work that went into GameChangers well worth it. I am proud to be part of a committee that contributes to the Business School and the sports technology community. Organising GameChangers was definitely the highlight of my year at Imperial, and I highly encourage anyone interested in event planning, and/or would like the opportunity to work with students across the Business School’s programmes, to join the Student-Led Conference committee next year.

Luke Zaki Blippar

Thank you to the GameChangers committee, sub-committees and staff at Imperial College Business School

As a member of the organizing committee, I had the pleasure of working with students and staff from different programmes. I would like to say “thank you” to the Speakers’ Sub-committee who enabled us to deliver a conference with accomplished professionals. Another “thank you” goes to the Logistics Sub-committee, who worked relentlessly to ensure that every step prior, during, and after the event flowed smoothly, delivering an engaging conference experience enjoyed by both speakers and attendees. Finally, as part of the Marketing Sub-committee, I worked with a great team to launch offline and online marketing activities to promote the event. We’d also like to say thank you to staff from various departments of the School who contributed to the success of the conference by offering support throughout the planning process.

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