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Described by past students as “the GREATEST experience ever” and “an important milestone in my undergraduate studies”, our Summer School programme is an incredible opportunity that combines academic advancement with the fun and adventure of a Summer in London.

Summer School at Imperial College Business School offers the brightest minds the opportunity to study at a global top ten ranked university.

In July and August this year, we are offering five Summer School courses over two sessions. Running for three weeks per session, you can choose to study one course, or one from each session, including Accounting for Decision Makers, Entrepreneurial Smart Camp, Principles of Finance, Business Strategy & Consulting and Strategic Marketing.

We speak to Dr Edgar Meyer, Dean of Undergraduate Programmes and Education Quality, to find out the top five reasons why you should do Summer School at Imperial.

1. Get the London experience

Did you hear the news? London is the best student city in the world according to the QS Best Student City 2018 Rankings! At our Summer School, you will have the opportunity to live the full student experience in this vibrant, fun and diverse city.

Our campus is centrally located in the picturesque South Kensington. On our doorstep are some of London’s most famous museums including the Natural History Museum, the V&A and the Science Museum. A short stroll away from Imperial is Hyde Park and a little further down the road you can visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace!

To ensure you get the most out of your time in London, we run a lively social schedule for you to explore the abundant social and cultural activities on offer.

Whether you would like to immerse yourself in the world of wizardry at Harry Potter Studios, see a musical in London’s West End or go punting in Cambridge or Oxford, there’s something for everyone.

2. Boost your resume by upskilling in a new area

During the summer, some students prefer to do something else than study. By coming to our Summer School, you are giving yourself an edge by demonstrating that you are thoroughly invested in your own development.

In today’s competitive job market, this is increasingly important. Take engineering for example, how do you differentiate yourself from thousands of other students who have all studied the same undergraduate degree? Edgar says:

"As an engineer, you’re trained to think in a very particular way. On our Entrepreneurial Smart Camp course, you will learn how to develop ideas and how to take them to market, which is a very different way of thinking. That gives students an edge because they understand there’s not just one way of tackling a problem."

The same can be said of our Accounting for Decision Makers course, which is relevant to all students, not just those entering the Finance sector. While we’re not going to make you into accountants, we will provide you with a framework in which to help you to think about decisions that are being made within organisations. It’s a useful course to take if you know your idea of the future involves a career where you will have to make decisions about investments, costs, products and other things.

You can also put on your resume that you studied at a top ten globally ranked university. As part of Imperial College London, we innovate through the fusion of business and technology, which is recognised on a global scale. Jad Rizkallah who attended our Strategic Marketing Summer School last year says:

"With no doubt, my experience at Imperial College Summer School enhanced my CV very positively. I do consider this experience as a comparative advantage when coming to job and internship applications and a lifetime experience!"

3. It’s practically oriented

Unlike other Summer Schools, all of our courses are practical in their application. Edgar says, “In many Summer Schools you can learn a subject and the theories and ideas about it, but because they are short courses, people tend to stick to a one-dimensional model.”

At Imperial, we present the ideas and theories and then show you how to use them in practice. This is why we see students returning to Imperial for another year of Summer School because they could actually use what they learnt last time.

The practical nature of the course gives our students the ability to talk the right language. We are not trying to make students experts in accounting, marketing or entrepreneurship.

Instead, we are teaching them the language and practical application of these topics. Edgar says, “Everyone will go on to work in organisations. Regardless of the industry, being able to use the terminology taught in our various courses is very helpful.”

4. A personalised educational experience

Imperial has a number of advantages and benefits that are different to the plethora of other Summer Schools out there. One of our distinguishing features is our smaller size. We regulate our intake of students to ensure that you get a personal and tailored approach.

You develop real connections both within the cohort and with the people who teach you. The faculty who teach our Summer School courses also teach on our MBA and sought-after Master’s programmes. You also have the chance to hear from incredible guest speakers who are leaders in their industry. Edgar says:

"The fact that it’s not 7000 students but a much smaller group really has a benefit to engage with faculty and course material. You can get a lot more out of it."

For students who would like to study their Master’s or an MBA at Imperial in the future, the ability to network with leading faculty members can be instrumental in the competitive application process. Making your mark in the school before you even apply will make your application stand out.

5. Make friends for life and grow your network

Our Summer School is an intense programme and you are on campus four days a week for three weeks. By spending a lot of time with other like-minded individuals, you will leave Summer School with friends for life and a valuable community of people from all around the world. Edgar says:

This Summer School isn’t just about studying, it’s about community building as well. The first rule of entrepreneurship and business is networking. The social programme really enables individuals to get to know the people who could be interesting colleagues or friends.

While networking is a fundamental part of business, it’s quite nerve-wracking when you first give it a go. Summer School allows you to both build your network in a friendly and relaxed environment, but you will also be able to practice this skill which is vital to career success.

Alberto Criado attended our Summer School last year from Spain to study Business Strategy & Consulting. Aside from all the amazing things he learnt, his key takeaway from the programme came from outside the classroom:

At Summer School, the experience is also enriched considering that all the students come from widely different backgrounds and countries, with four continents represented in just one classroom. These meaningful friendships developed in the course are what in the end you will carry for longer. It is phenomenal to know that you will have friends to meet in nearly every corner on earth you decide to travel to.

Applications are open to join Summer School in 2018. Applications are made online and are not subject to a fee. We advise you apply as early as possible to secure a place, organise your travel to London and accommodation.

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