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Innovation happens when you mix technology and business and that’s what you see here at Imperial, which makes it a very dynamic place to research, work, and study.

Professor Francisco Veloso, Dean of Imperial College Business School

The need for innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset in business has never been greater. Businesses and customers are both looking for new solutions to problems, often with a greater focus on improving society. That’s what Diane Perlman, previously UK Marketing Communications Lead for Windows Phone and Start-up lead for Microsoft Accelerator, and member of the Global Online MBA Business Advisory Board, says:

Entrepreneurship and innovation has never been more important as corporates change to keep up with today’s demand for competitiveness, and meet the demands of an employee base that wants more freedom and more entrepreneurial opportunities.

More than ever, graduates from our suite of MBA and Master’s programme are looking to set up their own business or make a genuine change from within their organisation. Our focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is a big part of why students choose to study with us. We aim to equip students with the skills they need to develop diverse solutions to problems or discover new opportunities in a marketplace, fostering innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Imperial’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurial thinking has resulted in a ranking of 12th in the world, and 2nd in Europe in Reuters Top 100: The world’s most innovative universities. The combination of innovative thinking and insight with new technology helps students develop practical solutions to real-world issues, benefiting business and society.

In 2015, 11% of our MBA and 22% of MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management graduates went on to start their own business. Innovation and entrepreneurship is core to our suite of MBA and MSc programme, providing students with a unique set of skills when they graduate to benefit business and society.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship on our MBA programmes

Students on our Full-Time MBA study core modules in Design Thinking and Innovative Problem Solving, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Journey, and have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and application on the Leading Social Innovation, Design Management and Idea SMARTCamp electives.

Imperial’s reputation in innovation and entrepreneurship made it the obvious choice for me. I found the exposure to people who have innovative thinking in developing new business opportunities unique to Imperial and a huge plus for me as I was so interested in entrepreneurship.

Byron McCaughey, Full-Time MBA 2017 and founder of MBA Connect

Weekend MBA students also study the Innovation and Entrepreneurship module as core to their programme, and can elect to study a range of innovation and entrepreneurship electives, from Design Management to the Entrepreneurship Journey, exposing students to the challenges of introducing products and services to market.

The Business School has strong capability in this field. We have a dedicated Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship which is very unique in the Business School world – and leveraging this capability is a good thing for our MBA students.

Professor Markus Perkmann, Head of the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship are two modules core to the Global Online MBA, where students learn how to do innovation in both a corporate as well as an entrepreneurial context. Students can elect to study the Venture Capital Finance elective and can study innovation and entrepreneurship electives available on our other MBA programmes, on campus in South Kensington.

The entrepreneurial and design-based modules of the Global Online MBA programme was a big reason for me choosing Imperial. It was a great learning experience and allowed me to work on a few ventures with other students.

Adam Painter, Global Online MBA 2015-17

Innovation and Entrepreneurship on our MSc programmes

Students on our suite of MSc programmes get exposure to innovation and entrepreneurship in our range of electives, designed to broaden the learning of contemporary skills and practices by connecting students with world renowned academics, incubators, experienced venture capitalists, expert consultants and successful entrepreneurs.

MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management

MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management prepares graduates for career opportunities like launching a new business, developing business start-ups, or consulting on innovation. As well as teaching skills, the programme helps students to meet, network with, and learn from those currently working in the start-up world (often Imperial alumni) at events like the Start-up Ecosystem and Tech City event.

Imperial Business is known for its pioneering work on Innovation Management. Our lecturers are some of the best in the world and so whether you’re a student looking to form your own business or inspired to bring innovative change within an organisation, the sessions on Innovation Management, Management of Design and the Entrepreneurial Journey will particularly help you.

Rory Ryan, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management, 2016

MSc Management

Students on MSc Management study Innovation Management, Strategy Management, and Entrepreneurship – core modules that, alongside traditional management subjects, prepare our graduates for a wide range of careers in management. The Business Applications elective offers MSc Management students practical and hands-on business management experience, and the International Study Tour gives first-hand social and cultural business insights.

I have always wanted to enter a corporate environment, however I also enjoy anything involving entrepreneurship, such as finding innovative and creative solutions to improve day-to-day life. At Imperial, I have been able to secure a job offer as well as developing an entrepreneurial mind-set.

Vittorio Cannizzaro, MSc Management 2016

MSc Finance

Our highly ranked MSc Finance offers students the opportunity to build their skills in the latest fintech innovation, as well as traditional finance subjects that provide the foundation for careers across all finance tracks. Students learn about blockchain and its applications, digital payment technology, and infrastructure.

MSc Finance alumni who have gone on to co-found successful start-ups were recently featured in the Financial Times. Diego Fanara, MSc Finance alumnus 2015 can co-founder of UNIbuddy (with fellow alumnus Maxence Dussart), says:

The biggest advantage of having studied for a masters in finance is the connections. Imperial invited many speakers and hosted networking events.

Diego Fanara, MSc Finance 2015

MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance

MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance students can explore ideas to tackle business issues relating to climate change and sustainability on the Innovation Challenge. This sees students work in teams to pitch their impactful business and innovation ideas to a judging panel. Teams attempt to build an idea that is innovative and solid enough to stimulate thinking and spark the imagination of the judges.

It is wonderful that Imperial College Business School goes beyond academics and organises the Innovation Challenge so we explore our creative and entrepreneurial sides. We were even offered all kinds of support, such as access to the Enterprise Lab’s Idea Surgeries, Intellectual Property: A Student’s Guide, and Advanced Hackspace for prototyping or 3D Printing.

Imperial’s Enterprise Lab

Imperial’s Enterprise Lab supports innovators and entrepreneurs across the College and in the Business School. Providing a space to study, hang out and share ideas, the Enterprise Lab hosts lectures and events around innovation and entrepreneurship, and runs a number of programmes and competitions that help would-be entrepreneurs and innovators explore their ideas. These include the Althea-Imperial Programme, Advanced Hackspace and ACT Now!

Imperial has a culture and infrastructure of supporting entrepreneurship and innovation. The Enterprise Lab, of which I am Director, is a college entity which provides extra-curricular support for students who want to validate a business idea or are looking for innovation support.

Another benefit is Imperial’s huge alumni network, which includes experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals, most of whom happily support the College by coaching students to success in their ventures through the Enterprise Lab.

Professor Markus Perkman, Head of the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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