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Typically, the third Monday of January is regarded as the most depressing day of the year. The end of the sweet holidays and the start of intense studying. There would be new modules, new team members and endless projects. The weather may also be depressingly cold, windy and rainy. You are not alone.

In this blog, I share four ways that may make your Blue Monday less blue.

Tip one: Close the book and relax with friends

Studying all day without breaks exhausts you. Studies have shown that brief distractions, in fact, improve your focus! So, how about having a coffee talk with your dear friends? Warm drinks and casual talk could reboot your energy.

There are many other methods to relax within the South Kensington Campus. Sweating in the gym, jogging or doing yoga is also a good way to get rid of stress. We even have a small cinema on campus! Take your friends and enjoy a movie together!

Tip two: Take a walk outside

Located in the central London, the Imperial campus is surrounded by parks and museums that are perfect places for fun. It is already relaxing just by imagining a sunny afternoon in Hyde Park, you sit on the lawn surrounded by happy pets chasing each other and chubby pigeons staggering on the road. Time becomes slower and the world becomes quieter than ever.

If you prefer indoor activities, I highly recommend the Natural History Museum (NHM), which is only five minutes away. Every time I visit the NHM, I find interesting and fresh new displays.

Natural History Museum

Tip three: Sign-up for stress relief activities

The College has also noticed our pressure during exams and they would like to help us. They provide various de-stressing workshops and activities.

Last semester, just before the final exam, the Business School organised the de-stress event which invited three furry doggy friends to campus. With the appointment, students can play with dogs for 15 minutes! It was really nice to hang out with some very cute and friendly four-legged friends. 

Stress dogs

Tip four: If needed, seek help from a counsellor

Imperial really cares about students’ mental health. The Student Counselling and Mental Health Advice Service organises regular workshops such as Stress Management and Sleep Well. They also provide drop-in sessions that you can walk in without making appointments. If you have any personal issues like loneliness, depression or academic concerns that may affect your wellbeing, feel free to book an appointment to chat with the counsellor.

I hope these tips find you well and I wish you a happy and fruitful new year!

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