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Last weekend, we welcomed admitted students to our annual Full-Time MBA Admit Weekend 2017. The weekend was student-led, with events organised by our current Full-Time MBA cohort, as well as faculty keynotes and an interactive case study organised by Imperial’s Enterprise Lab. Attendee Mehmet Onat says:

I am sure that I am talking on behalf of everyone at Admit Weekend 2017 when I thank the whole MBA team for an incredible time. It was really beyond my expectations.

Friday 9 June

The weekend began with our admitted students being welcomed by Acting Dean Nelson Phillips and a Faculty Keynote from Programme Director Dr Andreas Eisingerich, followed by dinner and a reception. The evening was an opportunity for admitted students to network with their future classmates and they were introduced to their student hosts for the weekend, current Full-Time MBA students Byron McCaughey, Alison Lane and Suresh Jones

Admit Weekend 2017 Lecture

Saturday 10 June

Following breakfast and an introduction to the programmes team, students Byron, Alison and Suresh walked our admitted students through the academic year on the Full-Time MBA programme, answering questions on timetables, workload and elective selection.

Pita Dwarikanath Patro gave an overview of the Group Consulting Project and Byron, along with co-founders Safi Keshvargar and Henry Oakes, pitched their business idea Roost to the admitted student audience, who acted as investors and asked questions about their business model. Roost was developed on the Entrepreneurial Journey as part of the Full-Time MBA programme.

In the afternoon, the group headed over to the Enterprise Lab, Imperial’s state-of-the-art facility where students can meet and develop their business ideas. Dr Chris Corbishley led an interactive case study on innovation and imitation in business models. In teams, admitted students had to deliver their verdict to a panel of judges on whether a start-up-turned-large-business was an imitation or an innovation on a previous business model. Using the technology on offer in the Enterprise Lab, students examined companies Swoon Editions and Graze. The winners, “Graze 2”, were awarded a bottle of champagne from local wine bar, The Sampler. Mehmet says:

Imperial provides a unique environment by bringing together different disciplines throughout the Faculties together to develop ideas and to create something new.

The formal part of the day finished with a round table event where students networked in smaller groups with Erin Hallett, Head of Alumni Relations, and current and alumni Full-Time MBA students. In the evening, a group of current MBA students took our admitted students to Imperial students’ local The Devonshire for dinner and drinks.

Admit Weekend 2017 Chat

Sunday 11 June

On Sunday morning, the weekend finished with brunch at The Abingdon. The aim of the weekend was to give admitted students a taste of life as a Full-Time MBA student at Imperial and to network with their future classmates. Attendee Sarvenaz Ahmadi says,

I’m so proud to be part of the Imperial community.

Abingdon Brunch

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