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Our new Imperial Global Online MBA 2016 class joined us in London for a transformative Induction Week that saw candidates take the next step towards achieving their professional and personal goals. 

Based at the Imperial campus in London, the five-day Induction Week in September brought together future business leaders from around the world for a week of face-to-face teaching and to build the foundations of their MBA network.

From the programme introduction and Sustainability in Businesses session led by Programme Director Paolo Taticchi, to the Innovation Challenge, presented by Principal Teaching Fellow Charlie Donovan, an expert in renewable energy industries, the group took part in a series of talks and exercises designed to help them get the most out of their Global Online MBA experience.

“Everything experienced during the induction has triggered the motivation and inspiration I was looking for,” said Global Online MBA student Nikos Giannoulis, Project Manager at Stivo Trading Ltd.

The Induction Week also included sessions with the School’s Careers team, who will be working with the students virtually during the programme to help them achieve their career goals.

Throughout the week, students were given the chance to get to know their fellow classmates in a relaxed environment, which included a welcome dinner in London’s famous Leicester Square, with a bird’s-eye-view of the city’s skyscrapers.

Networking is a key element of the Global Online MBA programme. Both the Programme team and the guest speakers underlined the importance of taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

Now that the students have returned to their home countries, collaborative relationships that formed during Induction Week will grow, supported by Imperial College Business School’s virtual learning platform, The Hub.

In Alex’s view the induction week created “deep and supportive friendships – demonstrated by the 3748 messages sent on our group chat in four weeks.”

@ImperialBiz Day 5 of Sep 2016 GMBA Induction week. Before we go… Go North American Team!

“It’s a very diverse group – people from all over the world,” said Fatma Hashmi, GMBA candidate and Lean Six Sigma Coach at Petroleum Development Oman. “It’s truly global.”

Inspiration was a word heard a lot over the week, thanks to the class’s enormous variety of backgrounds and skillsets, the challenging and practical introduction to the Global Online MBA’s academic programme, and thought-leading speakers.

What every student at Imperial will experience from the very beginning is strong mutual support from within the cohort and the management at the Business School.

The new class joins a community of 200 Global Online MBA students at Imperial, who use the flexible format of the programme to study while they work across the globe. In turn, these students join the network of 250 other MBA students studying full-time or part-time at the School, which is internationally ranked for the quality of its MBA programmes.

Second year Global Online MBA candidates were on hand to give their insights into the programme, sharing their experiences at Imperial and how they manage to cope with the pressure, deadlines, work and family commitments.

What every student at Imperial will experience from the very beginning,” said entrepreneur and Global Online MBA student Jan Dvorsky, “is strong mutual support from within the cohort and the programme team at the Business School.”

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