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Are you looking for an intriguing day trip on the weekend while you're studying at Imperial College Business School? We’d definitely recommend you to go for a punting experience in Cambridge!

How to go:

It’s very easy and simple! Just download the Trainline application on your phone and search for Cambridge. Our trip only cost £17.30 pounds per person for a round trip from London Kings Cross Station to Cambridge (including discount applied from the 16-25 railcard).

Tips: Students can acquire a 16-25 railcard that will help you get 1/3 the price of train journeys! It only costs £30 to register for the railcard and just three trips outside London would be worth it already.

From Cambridge station, it took around 30-minute to walk to our punting location, which was the Traditional Punting Company. We would highly recommend this company as they were very responsive to our inquiries.

Tips: Book the punting service in advance on their website for a cheaper price! But if you have a friend from Cambridge University, they can take you punting for free! (But be prepared to exert some energy because you will have to become the punter yourself)

Tips: We recommend booking a private tour if you come in a group of four to six people to get an exclusive experience with your friends.

Prepare to board:

  • Wear something comfortable because you will be getting on and off the boat. Since it’s England, you can never predict the weather. We recommend you wear something water resistant!
  • Don’t worry if it rains! You can still go punting. They provide big umbrellas for you. On the return trip, you might be lucky and see a big, double rainbow just like us.
  • The punters are nice and knowledgeable. Our punter, Tim, kept us entertained throughout the journey and talked us through each college as we pass by. It’s definitely an enjoyable and educational trip.

Three things to look out for when punting:

  1. The Ivy Wall at New Court Building: In autumn, the ivy, Virginia Creeper, turns scarlet, creating a spectacular sight. Definitely an Instagram-worthy spot!
  2. Bridge of Sighs: Make sure to snap a photo right before you go under the bridge. The bridge was in 1831, making it looks like something out of a fairytale.
  3. St. John’s College: Look out for St. John’s College, one of the largest and oldest colleges in Cambridge. Upon the return trip, you can snap a photo of the gorgeous front of the college.
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Ornvara Kasetrsuwan is currently studying MSc Strategic Marketing at Imperial.
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