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Imperial College Business School welcomes talented students from over 80 countries and a wealth of academic backgrounds to the MSc programmes.

This academic year, over 1,150 students have embarked upon MSc programmes at Imperial College Business School. With an average age of 23, the students come from a myriad of academic backgrounds, countries and cultures. The past few weeks have brought these students together, tied by the common challenge of finding their way around London, getting to grips with their new programmes and taking part in a host of team-building induction activities.

Together, the students represent 87 countries. This diversity will enable the students to expand their global awareness and learn about the impact of culture on businesses and working practices as they come together to tackle multiple group projects throughout the year. For many of the students, this diversity is a key attraction of Imperial College Business School. MSc Finance student Maeva Montagnier commented:

In my current team one student is Belgian, one Chinese, another Norwegian and I myself am French. The diversity is fantastic and we all work together really well.

The gender balance within this year’s cohort marks a great achievement for Imperial College Business School’s gender equality initiatives, with women representing 54% of the MSc students overall. The Business School is now a member of the 30% Club, a global campaign to improve gender diversity within boards and governing bodies, a Forté Foundation School Sponsor, and recently achieved a Bronze Athena SWAN award for its commitment to tackling gender equality. 40% of 2016-17 MSc Finance students are female, up from 28% last year, which is a particular achievement and step in the right direction for a programme and sector that internationally struggles to achieve gender equity.

Many students come to the Business School from related degree backgrounds, yet others arrive with very different skill sets. This year, 25% of the MSc students have studied Business or Management previously, while large numbers have also studied Economics, Finance and Accounting. The remaining 49% of students represent a wide range of subjects, from arts and humanities to various scientific disciplines.

Each student on the MSc programmes has achieved academic excellence in their respective educational background. 29 students in fact studied for their undergraduate courses at Imperial College London before joining MSc programmes at the Business School.

IHM Induction Challenge

In addition to enhancing the students’ academic skills and knowledge, the Business School is committed to teaching students essential interpersonal and teamwork skills. All MSc programmes therefore feature a wide range of group projects. To prepare the students for the projects ahead, the individual programme inductions feature a wide range of fun team building activities, from literally ‘building bridges’ by swapping LEGO bricks, to presenting design plans and prototypes for their own imaginative cultural landmarks.

The Business School induction programmes have also taken students outside campus to various locations across London. For the MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance students, this included a trip to the Tate Modern to hear about the design initiatives implemented to make the building more sustainable, while the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management group met with employees at The Bakery, an innovative new company working to teach large organisations how to become more entrepreneurial.

Expectations are high for this cohort of young academics, entrepreneurs and future business leaders, and Crystal Grant, Head of Admissions is confident in their potential:

It’s been incredibly rewarding to welcome our new MSc students. The quality and diversity is fantastic, and I have no doubt that they will achieve great things over the next year – and beyond.

CCMF Tate View

The induction activities culminated with all MSc students coming together for the Business School’s very own ‘Night at the Museum‘. Students were invited to an evening of food, drinks and networking at the Natural History Museum, just a short walk away from campus. Not only was the event a great occasion to improve upon their natural history knowledge while enjoying exquisite cones of mini fish and chips, students had a fantastic opportunity to start forming those networks that will support them through their time at the Business School and stay with them long after they leave.


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