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Imperial College Business School MSc Management graduates thrive in the corporate consulting and entrepreneurial world and alumnus Christian Cook is no exception, having recently launched his own innovative luggage range.

The idea

With the help of crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Christian’s company Néit offers the world’s first collapsible and hangable hard-case luggage. Optimal for storing in tight spaces, Néit luggage reduces to approximately 30% of its original size when collapsed. “Living in a small city centre apartment and a lack of beautifully designed, space-optimized products was the inspiration for Néit,” Christian explains.

Néit luggage boasts a revolutionary design, loosely based on one of nature’s strongest natural armours: the armadillo’s shell. Featuring a collapsible (patent pending) frame made from aircraft grade aluminium, Néit cases allow travellers to commute with ease and style with the added benefit of durability.

Since its January launch on Kickstarter, Néit has pledged over £82,000 of its original £68,000 goal.  They have been awarded a runner-up prize for British Invention of the Year 2016 and also shortlisted for 2016 Carryology’s Carry Award – Best Check-In Bag.

Meeting the demands of modern-day travel

Realising travel luggage design has remained largely unchanged over the years, Christian seized the opportunity to dramatically improve the way we travel and store luggage.

After setting up Néit in 2014 and launching the Super-slim Card Case for iPhone, Christian was joined by Nicky Öster Jenk in 2015.  “I met my co-founder through a friend,” Christian says of Néit Chief Technology Officer Nicky.

“He instantly got what I wanted to achieve with Néit and brought a tech angle to the company, having previously worked on a bunch of exciting tech projects.”

Not only do Néit products collapse down to just three inches, they are also fitted with GPS trackers and integrated with the company’s very own travel app. Additional to allowing users to track the location of their cases, the app can also be used to store boarding passes, book flights and accommodation, check the status of flights and provide things-to-do tips for your specific location.

Applying MSc Management to his entrepreneurial success

Christian joins a community of MSc Management graduates who have found entrepreneurial success since studying at Imperial College. The programme’s distinctive combination of business-focused learning allows students to develop innovative real world solutions with the opportunity to apply theory to practical case studies and hands-on tasks.

“I chose to study at Imperial because of the reputation, location and course,” Christian says about his decision to study at Imperial College Business School.

I liked that there was opportunity to practically apply what we were being taught.

The MSc Management programme inspires students to devise solutions that foster innovation, financial performance and business sustainability. In addition to the core management modules offered, students are able to tailor the programme to their career objectives, with a choice of pathways and summer term electives.

Students are also offered an intensive career development journey, helping them build a deep understanding of numerous industries and maximising employability. In 2014, 90% of MSc Management graduates gained employment within three months of completing their course.

The skills acquired during his Master’s degree have helped Christian develop and grow his company. “The breadth of study has meant I’ve been able to apply a lot of course knowledge to Néit,” he states.

Having a solid understanding of underlying financials has been crucial when looking for investment. Digital Marketing and Strategy have also been particularly important.

Imperial College Business School allows students the opportunity to form lasting relationships that are both professionally and personally enriching, attracting high-calibre students from across the globe.

“I enjoyed the international nature of the course,” explains Christian.

“As a result, I have a fantastic international network of previous classmates who I’ve already been lucky enough to work with on parts of this project.”

Ranked 2nd in the UK* and 19th in the world by the Financial Times, the Imperial College MSc Management programme equips students with the skills necessary to become the leaders of tomorrow. If you’d like to know more about the programme, you can meet with the recruitment team at one of our upcoming information sessions.

*excluding multi-campus programmes

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