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Becoming the Head of Social Media at the FMCG, Luxury Goods & Retail Career Club

Imperial College Business School offers a vast catalogue of opportunities for students to explore their career interests and develop as the leaders of the future beyond the classroom.

The student-led Career Clubs were one of those golden opportunities that instantly caught my attention before I ever set foot on campus. ‘Do you have what it takes to be a student leader? Applications are now open!’ read an email that slid into my inbox in August 2020. That was when I discovered the FMCG, Luxury Goods & Retail Club, and set my mind on joining. After all, it was the target of a career in luxury that led me to Imperial, and I was certain this club would be pivotal in helping me get there.

Having a keen interest in digital marketing and previous experience in social media management, I applied and was lucky to be welcomed to the committee as the Head of Social Media. Since then, my role has been to curate the club’s social media presence and market its events, during which I have learned a lot, grown personally and professionally, and fostered amazing friendships in the span of six months.

An opportunity to merge your passions with your studies

A committee role at a Career Club offers you the opportunity to further tailor your programme to your career interests and gain one-of-a-kind insights into the industry of your choice. In my case, it enabled me to pursue my interest in social media and understand its power in marketing from a practical lens. It is great to hear your professors stress the importance of knowing the target audience in marketing electives, but what is really remarkable is when you get to put that into practice.

Furthermore, in trying to curate a hub for all things FMCG, luxury and retail on social media in the form of industry insights, I was able to accumulate a growing pool of industry knowledge, which I must say comes in really handy in interviews! But apart from that, it is a wonderful opportunity to explore your career interests in the safe setting of Imperial College London, and gain relevant skills before you go after your dream job.

A wonderful platform to network

As a member of a committee, you also get to make lasting friendships and network beyond the School, a rare opportunity this past year due to the pandemic. I now get to work in a committee of nine brilliant people from a diverse range of programmes such as MSc Management, MSc International Management, MSc Strategic Marketing and MBA’s, learning from them constantly, even if it is (for now) virtual.

I also got to expand my network beyond Imperial. Back in October, we initiated our ‘Alumni Spotlight Series’ where we interviewed Business School alumni and featured their career paths on our social media. Eight interviews later, I found myself in the company of industry professionals who were extremely selfless and willing to help, whether it be an hour-long video call prior to a job interview or some heartfelt advice.

Overall, I think that what makes an experience valuable is the people that you get to meet because of it, and the Career Clubs are a wonderful opportunity to create connections that you will take with you after Imperial.

Beyond the club

Sometimes, the experience might end up becoming more than you signed up for, but in the most positive way. After a rigorous application process spearheaded by our Vice President, the FMCG, Luxury Goods & Retail Club has been selected to run the student-led conference of 2021 on the topic of ‘The Future of Retail,’ and I am very excited to be appointed as the Head of Marketing in its planning committee. It is truly a thrilling moment is for an aspiring marketer to get their first official job title in marketing!

The conference is set to take place the week of 17 May and will include topics related to how technology is changing the marketplace, which you can learn all about here. I am very much looking forward to curating the marketing plan of what is set to be one of the club’s most ambitious events of the year, while pursuing my passion for marketing and gaining valuable job experience.

On a concluding note

The FMCG, Luxury Goods & Retail Club has so far been an unforgettable ride. I got to meet so many wonderful people despite the pandemic, gain valuable experience as an aspiring marketer and make so many fun memories to enhance my overall experience studying MSc Management. Most importantly, I got to enjoy the feeling of making a real impact and the joy of contributing to the wider Imperial community.

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