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October 5, 2015 was a very exciting and highly anticipated day; it marked the first day of my one-year journey at Imperial College Business School. Already one month into the program, I want to make the most of my experience here; I know it’s going to be an intense year full of lectures, deadlines, friendships and a lot of fun along the way. 

My name is Aline Madaghjian, and I’m studying for my MSc in Strategic Marketing. A brief overview of myself; I graduated with a BBA in June 2011 and have been working since then in finance, audit and marketing. Now I’m back to university to obtain my MSc to help me grow personally and professionally and develop my technical and practical knowledge in marketing.  

Congratulations if you’ve been made an offer from the Business School and welcome to a truly enriching experience! When I received my offer, coming here was my first choice, not only because of its high rankings as a university, but also because the Business School has significant international influence and few competitors in academic terms. I know that Imperial College Business School will provide me with the best academic tools available in combination with a unique and memorable experience to help me succeed in the future.

My first month here has been overwhelming because everything was so new to me, but once I got the hang of everything I was able to really enjoy it. To make your transition as smooth as possible, here are a few tips I’d like to share with you;

  • Make friends with your classmates and your team members for an enriching experience. These are the people you will be spending most of your time with and they are so interesting because they come from various backgrounds and experiences.
  • This is an intense year of studying so stay on top of your classwork, but remember to maintain a good work-life balance and make time for yourself.
  • Make the most out of campus life; join a club or society, mix and mingle at the Union Bar or stay fit at the sports club. Campus is so active and there is always something to do!
  • Go out and explore London as there are so many interesting things to do and see! Grab a friend and get on a tour bus, attend a concert or go to an outdoor market to enjoy this exciting city.

One last thing; have fun! You will soon see that time flies when you’re enjoying your time at Imperial College Business School! For those of you that are already students here, best of luck with the year ahead and make the most out of it…you never know what the future holds for you!

Aline is studying our MSc Strategic Marketing programme.

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Aline Madaghjian

About Aline Madaghjian

MSc Strategic Marketing
I graduated from the American University of Beirut in 2011 with a Bachelor in Business Administration, emphasis in finance. After working for two years at PwC, I changed my career path and pursued a career in marketing.