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Like a grim shadow, the New Year’s Resolution has most probably clouded every January and February (sometimes March if you’re keen) since you were old enough to know what  “lack of self-discipline” was.

But, as I’ve discovered through my own perilous NYR journey, Imperial has plenty of help on hand. I’ve rounded up some of the most common resolutions, with some Imperial tips to help you along your way !*

  • Get more exercise

By far the most popular one, this is also one where Imperial has the most resources. Students can use Ethos, the Imperial gym for only £40 (!!!) for the year, with facilities such as weights and benches, treadmills, and a matt area for floorwork. If you’re not a gym bunny, don’t panic! Imperial also run around 40 exercise classes throughout the week, so you can fit in a class around your timetable. £14.50 buys you a month’s unlimited access to classes (usually £3.50 per class) which helps motivate you to get your money’s worth!

The swimming pool is also completely free to use, and I’ve heard that students get discount sports massages too…

Find out more about Ethos.

  • Start a new hobby

When we all have fantastic jobs that require 24 hours of work a day, we’ll regret not using all that time flexibility we had as a student. Thankfully, Imperial Union has 342 clubs or societies according to their website, ranging from martial arts to campaigning, to slightly more left-field efforts such as the “Tea Society”. Watch out for the Refreshers fair at the end of January, where many clubs have stalls on campus so you can chat to members!

Find out more about all of the activities on offer at Imperial.

  • Eat more healthy food

Combining healthy eating with the demands of a student is difficult, which is why it’s especially handy that the Business School Café hosts healthier options in addition to the usual sandwiches. Fruit salads, small sushi and salad bowls are all available, and with a 10% student discount it’s healthy on the wallet too!

  • Stop Procrastinating!

This is by far the toughest resolution, and at the end depends on your discipline. However, Imperial has its own study spaces especially for business students, to ensure you always have a space when you need it, and I’ve found that it always helps me to focus when there are other people also working around me. The business school also hosts regular events and talks to help bring your learning to life. As I’ve said before, I found it’s a lot easier to learn when you can apply your academics to the world around you.

And on that note, I should probably get back to that essay I’ve been writing…

*On average,  March 15th is the day most people break their resolutions, so this post is aimed at getting you past this make-or -break date. Or am I just late? You decide…

Naila is studying our MSc Economics & Strategy for Business programme.

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