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It’s easy to find information online about the school, the faculty, the programmes, the admission process, and even the students, but it’s not always as easy to get an impression of what your daily life would look like when attending Imperial College Business School. I figured that the easiest way to show you this, would be to share some snapshots of my life at Imperial. So, for the past few weeks, I’ve been busy taking pictures of different activities that I’ve been involved in, to give you a glimpse of what you might expect a “normal” day would look like for you.

Group work: The MSc ESB programme involves a lot of group assignments, and we do these assignments in teams we were put into during our first week in the programme. Most weeks, my group meets between 1-3 times (depending on the workload). I feel really lucky to have been put in this team, my teammates are great and we’ve learned a lot from working with each other. We play on each others strengths, and have developed a very efficient way of completing our work. It’s also an international mix, which reflects the programme as a whole. From the back left is Jay from India, Lucas from Sweden, Yuchen from China, and Sophia from China. From the front left is me (from Norway) and Lance from China.


Collaboration: In my group, we often assign different parts of an assignment to different people, which often involves working in pairs. This is especially useful when doing work involving quantitative analysis, because it makes it easier to compare notes and figure out the best method for solving the problem. In this picture, Sophia and I were completing a group assignment for Macroeconomics. (1/2)

Collaboration Discussion

Collaboration: Here’s another picture of me and some friends working together. There are lots of places to work on campus, depending on the kind of environment you need. In this case, we were sitting in a cafeteria in the Sir Alexander Fleming building. If you want to work somewhere quiet, there’s plenty of space in the library and the study space dedicated to Business School students. I often prefer to work somewhere we can discuss the problems. (2/2)

Lectures: I’m sure most people are familiar with the image of a professor holding a lecture, but notice how there’s no one on Facebook in the photo! I swear that they didn’t know the picture was being taken. That’s a big difference from doing an undergraduate degree – most people come to class and really want to learn. Our lectures are 2 hours each (don’t worry – there’s a break in the middle!), and people are generally very engaged in class. It’s really motivating to be in an environment where your peers are driven and invested to succeed. This picture is from a Corporate Finance lecture.

Coffee Break

Breaks: Enjoying a cup of coffee in the Business School café. The coffees here are freshly brewed and offered at a student discount. (1/2)

Outdoors Break

Breaks: In between all of the studying, it’s important to take some much-deserved breaks. Whether it’s a short coffee break in the Business School café, or a lunch break in the sun, there are lots of places to chose between on campus. If you have a bit of extra time, you can walk down around the South Kensington tube station for a restaurant-treat, visit one of the (free!) museums around campus, or take a walk around Hyde Park which is right next door. On Tuesdays there’s an on-campus farmer’s market which offers delicious and freshly-made curries, soups, pasta, burgers, dumplings, paella, and lots of other goodies. (2/2)

Exercise: We’re super lucky at Imperial to have great gym facilities located on campus. At Ethos, you can pay a one-time fee of £40 for a year-long gym membership, which is an insanely good deal. Many of my classmates make use of this offer, so I often have a gym-buddy when I’m working out. Other things which are free to use at Ethos are a 25-meter pool, steam room, sauna, and Jacuzzi. You can also book a spot in different fitness classes, squash courts, climbing wall, badminton court, ping pong, basket ball at an additional (low) cost.

Social Gatherings: Above is a picture from our Chinese New Year party at a Karaoke bar. This event was planned by the social committee, and included an evening with food, drinks, and lots of making fools of ourselves whilst singing. Although these more formally planned evenings are a lot of fun, we also often gather spontaneously for drinks at the Union Bar to celebrate more minor milestones like finishing a big hand in or test, or just to gather everyone for no reason in particular other than some socialising.

Social Gatherings: We’re lucky enough to have a classmate who organizes musical visits for anyone interested in the programme. The photo to the right is from the last musical we went to, Les Miserables. We’ve also gone to see The Lion King musical together. We all vote on which musical we’d most like to see, and then are able to get an amazing group discount on the tickets – so we end up not having to pay much more than £20! Both times we’ve gone we’ve been over 30 people attending from class, and it’s a great way to get to know each other better whilst experiencing world-class musical performances!

Cross masters football

Cross-masters activities: A couple of weeks ago we had a cross-masters football tournament for all programmes in the Business School. There were 18 teams in total, and I joined the MSc ESB women’s team. It was a great event for bonding with our classmates, but also having the opportunity to get to know some of the people from the other programmes. We ended up coming in 2nd place, which we were very happy about (none of us had played football since we were around 16). It was a lot of fun, and I would really advise anyone attending the Business School to join in on events like this! (1/2)

cross masters football chat

Cross-masters activities: After the tournament (which involved 4 hours on the pitch), we all went for some well-deserved drinks and snacks at a nearby pub. It was a really nice and relaxed atmosphere, and it gave us another opportunity to mingle with students from other programmes (2/2).

Business School Events: As a Student Ambassador, I get the opportunity to attend some wonderful events. This picture is from the Women’s Breakfast last week, on the International Women’s day 2016 (Take a look at my blog post on International Women’s day at the Business School). Here, I got the opportunity to meet not only other female students at the business school, but also some really inspiring alumnae. The Business School hosts many different types of events and talks by prominent scholars – which are a great way to get some inside information on careers and current issues in business.

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