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Last Saturday, student leaders from all programmes at Imperial College Business School attended a one-day event focused on key leadership skills and making connections with other student leaders.

Cat Batley, Student Experience Manager and organiser of the day, said, “The Student Leadership Day is an opportunity for our student leaders to reflect on what it means to be a leader, and to share ideas and collaborate across programmes. It’s a great opportunity for them to consider how they can best work together to make an impact on our community during their time on the programme and beyond.”

Student leadership is a core part of extra-curricular activities at Imperial College Business School, and attendees included Career Club Presidents, Student Ambassadors, the Student-led conference team, and the Dean’s Student Advisory Council.

Student leaders work to improve overall student experience, with a focus on innovation, collaboration and excellence. Leading their teams, they organise a broad portfolio of events across the academic year, including talks, networking events, conferences and social events.

Diane Morgan, Associate Dean of Programmes, opened the event. Diane said, “Students are the heart of Imperial College Business School and the annual Student Leadership Day brings together student leaders from each of our 15 business degree programmes.”

“Students arrive as individuals representing their programmes and leave the day as members of a broader community with a collective mission to make sure all of us at the School are connected and having a positive impact on each other and on society. It is truly inspiring.” 

An interactive leadership session encouraged students to reflect on what leadership is, why it is important and discuss examples of leadership in action.

Student leaders also benefited from the practical experience and expertise of an alumni panel who shared insights from the successful events they hosted. The importance of perseverance was one of the key takeaways of this session, along with forming productive relationships and prioritising objectives.

Alisa Anantanovich, Full-Time MBA alumna and President of the Digital and Marketing Society, told students, “it’s important to form a collaboration with other parts of Imperial College, walk over to the department and talk to someone – it’s that simple!” 

In small groups, mixed across programmes, students then shared their ideas for the year (and beyond) and pitched their favourites back to the group. Students had cards with hearts on to show their appreciation for ideas and cards with “let’s talk” written on to invite collaboration.

“Cross-collaboration, inclusivity, and contributing positively to growth were the over-arching themes of the group activities,” said Suresh Jones, Full-Time MBA student and President of the Entrepreneur Club.

James Robertson, President of the Energy Club and Full-Time MBA student, described the day as, “a great way for student leaders from all across the business school to share ideas about how to improve student experiences and opportunities.

“The group presentations were a highlight – they were fun, creative, and threw up lots of suggestions for how we can work together and use the whole business school network for the benefit of the groups we represent.” 

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