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Each summer, we run a series of specialised Summer School courses on our South Kensington campus at Imperial College Business School, a world-leading and international institution. The courses are an opportunity for students to develop their academic knowledge and skills, whilst taking in the enriching experience London has to offer. For three weeks in July, we welcomed students to our Accounting for Decision Makers, Principles of Finance, and Entrepreneurial Smart Camp Summer School courses. In this article, we share the expert and industry-led teaching students were exposed to and their fun-filled social calendar. 

Entrepreneurial Smart Camp

On the Entrepreneurial Smart Camp, students worked in groups to take an idea to market, pitch for capital and secure a successful exit. Along the way students received expert coaching, guest lectures from sector experts and visited industry leading companies.

“I had a great time on the Entrepreneurial Smart Camp,” student Dominik Lambersy says, “Building and developing our own business idea was an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. Also, there’s perks to making friends from around the world if you love to travel!”

Students visited Founders Factory in High Street Kensington and the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace. At Founders Factory, students saw up-close a dynamic model for business creation in the technology sector, and learnt about the capital and resource investment that scales start-ups across multiple sectors.

Visiting the new Invention Rooms at our White City campus, students attended a workshop run by Imperial College Advanced Hackspace on “Designing your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)”. They learnt about rapid prototyping and put some of their ideas into action using state-of-the-art facilities for electronics, metalwork, woodwork and design.

At the end of the course, groups presented their ideas to an expert panel and received feedback from their industry experience. The panel was Deepali Nangia (Investor and Consultant), Michael Karliner (TrueStart, Red Sift and former CTO at Shazam), Harveen Chugh (Teaching Fellow at Imperial College Business School, Founder and Managing Director at VIS-3), and Dr Chris Corbishley (Academic Course Director of Entrepreneurial Smart Camp and VC Investor, Forward Partners).

Student Grayson Ho says, “It was amazing to join the three week Summer School programme at Imperial College Business School. We are guided by excellent professors and mentors in realising our entrepreneurial ideas. Different methods such as design thinking, business model canvas and prototyping were taught seamlessly in the class and they are all very useful in starting a real business. Most importantly, it was really great to make a network of global friends over ten countries and enjoy the synergy of young talented entrepreneurs!”

Academic Course Director Dr Chris Corbishley says, “I am immensely proud to have worked with the Imperial College Business School Entrepreneurial Smart Camp. Congratulations Class of 2017!”

Principles of Finance and Accounting for Decision Makers

As part of the Principles of Finance Summer School, students built their knowledge of financial markets, the use of markets by corporations and investors, and the process of financial and investment decision-making.

As well as building their academic knowledge, students developed their skills in modern valuation techniques, arbitrage, asset pricing and portfolio theory. Students on Accounting for Decision Makers were given an overview of the way that business performance is measured, looking at topics from balance sheets, valuation of assets and cash flows, to analytical techniques to make economic decisions in a business.

As part of both courses, students visited the City of London for a walking tour of London’s financial centres and the Bank of England Museum. The tour gave students a glimpse of London as a leading international, financial and professional services centre, starting with its humble beginnings in the 17th century to the inner workings of the stock exchange, and the City’s unique governance structure and traditions.

Adam Wang, an alumnus of Imperial College and Summer School, and Technology Consultant at KPMG spoke to students about careers in the finance and accounting sector. The Study Skills Unit at the Business School also ran a Business News Review Workshop for Principles of Finance students. This optional session presented a round-up of the latest big financial, market and economic news in the UK and across the globe using video and print sources such as the Financial Times, The Economist and BBC, before moving into analysis and discussion-based activities.

Outside the classroom

Outside of the classroom, Summer School offered lots of opportunities for students to take advantage of studying in London with a range of extra-curricular activities. At London’s West End, students saw Book of Mormon and Mamma Mia, they visited the Harry Potter Studios, and went on day trips to Cambridge and Brighton at the weekend. Students across the Summer School suite also attended an information session to learn more about our suite of MSc programmes at Imperial College Business School.

Student Dominik says, “I’ve just graduated and I was thinking about doing my Master’s at Imperial. Summer School sounded like a very promising way to get to know the university, its staff and its students. I’m always looking for opportunities to get to know people from different backgrounds.”

About Summer School at Imperial College Business School

Open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, Summer School is a unique opportunity to enhance your CV and build your network at a global top-ten ranked university, whilst experiencing everything London has to offer outside the classroom in summer with our lively social programme. Learn more and view the full list of Summer School courses

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