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Last night, staff and faculty came together to celebrate the start of the new academic year by welcoming new faculty members and celebrating achievements with the presentation of the Teaching Excellence Awards.

The awards were nominated by the student community and aim to celebrate excellence in teaching by recognising faculty who, in different ways, have had a positive impact on our students in 2015-16.

“It is my pleasure to announce these awards tonight,” said Nelson Phillips, Acting Dean, “these awards are recognition for the efforts of our faculty, who go above and beyond to ensure a rich learning environment for our students.”

Six members of the School’s faculty were recognised in this year’s awards:
Professor Franklin Allen, Executive Director of the Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis                
Received the award for MBA Core Module Teaching

Franklin’s nominators said:
“Franklin is extremely knowledgeable and very responsive to student questions. He kept me at the edge of my seat in both modules.”

 “Finance is a difficult subject and can be tough to understand. Professor Allen explained the concepts in an easy to understand manner and ensured the concepts were clear to us. [His] teaching method was outstanding.”

Jeremy Fernando, Senior Teaching Fellow         
Received the award for Undergraduate Teaching

Jeremy’s nominators said:
“Excellent teaching to a large group of student (joint honours and IBSc). He took his time to make sure everyone understood so we can all move on to the next topic together. [He is] always open to answer questions and explain when you don’t quite understand. Provides great resources for after class as well.”

Dr Ian Mackenzie, Senior Executive Fellow              
Received the award for MSc Core Module Teaching

Ian’s nominators said:
“Ian is very professional in strategy and can find an easy way to let us absorb all the knowledge. Before each class, he prepares a very clear structure and the cases are really helpful. In addition, he is a good friend encouraging everyone in the class to participate.”

Dr Mirabelle Muûls, Assistant Professor in Economics       
Received the award for PhD Supervision

Mirabelle’s nominators said:
“Mirabelle helped me greatly throughout the application process and was extremely intent in adapting the offer to my research interests. Since then, Mirabelle has continued to be a great supervisor as she offers well-thought and through advice on a regular basis whilst leaving the necessary space of intellectual freedom to the students she supervises. Mirabelle is always enthusiastic about new research ideas and entices me to follow them through. She has the constant academic interest of the student but also knows how to steer research in order to benefit a greater purpose, namely: climate change mitigation.”

Dr Ileana Stigliani, Assistant Professor of Design and Innovation            
Received the award for Innovation in Teaching

Ileana’s nominators said:
“Ileana not only provided traditional, interesting and informative lectures, but also create a very innovative environment of learning through unexpected and immersive classroom activities. For example, to learn about “design thinking”, we were tasked with going to a museum of our choice and observing users to better understand their needs and then recreate this with prototypes in our own class meeting the next day. Activities like this not only helped us fully understand the material on a personal level, in which we essentially assumed the role of professionals in this field through such activities, but also demonstrates Ileana’s dedication to not just teaching us the material, but really making sure we learn it on a much deeper level.”

Andreas Eisingerich, Professor of Marketing     
Received a special award recognising his nominations in all categories: Innovation, MBA, MSc, Undergraduate and PhD

Andreas’ nominators said:
“Professor Eisingerich has been without doubt the best teacher, supervisor and mentor that I have had throughout my academic career. His passion, enthusiasm and commitment to teaching is second to none and as a result his lectures are received well by the whole class.” 

“As my PhD supervisor, Professor Eisingerich is always available for me and has patience to discuss my ideas. He nurtures students to become good researchers and tries bring the best out of us.  I truly grateful for the time he spends to help me make progress in my project. In addition, he supports students who are not in his responsibility and gives them encouragement all the time.”

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