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A few weeks ago, 27 out of the 70 Full-Time MBA cohort took a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. Our social chair had organised it, along with some of the other members in class as a lighthearted weekend getaway. We rented out a 30-bed, four floor Airbnb; It was basically a glorified hostel right on the main strip with a pool table and vanity room for all the girls to get ready in.

After class on Friday, we all headed to the train station and jumped on-board, full steam ahead to our journey. The train ride was about five hours, the first hour set aside for class work and the last few set aside for partying, games, and chatting. We took over the café cart the whole way through. Time flew by and before we knew it, we were at our destination.

Once everyone unpacked, we headed out for dinner and dancing. It was great seeing my classmates outside of their normal element. Since most of us haven’t really hung out outside of School, everyone let their guard down so you could really get to know each other better.

Not only that, we saw and met some interesting characters, since Edinburgh is known for stag parties. Along with the stag characters, we danced both nights away. Little did I know that our cohort were dance machines!

During the daytime we visited all the sights - Edinburgh Castle, Queen’s Palace, the National Museum and art galleries. We also went hiking up to Arthur's Seat as well as on a Harry Potter tour. In about 40 hours, we covered just about everything Edinburgh had to offer us. We barely slept as the excitement was running through our veins. I never knew Edinburgh was such a beautiful place, everything felt so quaint and charming. No drama, just good vibes.

There was one issue though. Our Airbnb had a bit of a security issue, but thanks to our newfound knowledge that we learned from our MBA and our diplomatic demeanour, we were able to diffuse the situation. It made for a good story to tell the rest of our classmates and our Organisational Behaviour professor Monday morning. Not to mention the ongoing jokes we have.

Overall, the trip exceeded my expectations. I loved spending quality time with my classmates and getting to know them as more than just my peers, but as friends. I felt connected and have made a new family here in London. We have a few more class trips coming up - I’m excited to see what happens on them. I’m sure they will be adventures packed with lots more memories and laughs.

Full-Time MBA students enjoying a night out in Edinburgh
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