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Meet five of our new Student Ambassadors from the Global Online MBA class of 2017-19.

We’re delighted to see students from diverse industries from medicine to maritime, oil and gas, engineering and more, and have come to Imperial College Business School from all over the world.

We know that studying online can be daunting so we asked our Ambassadors to share their top tips. Find out more about these Student Ambassadors and what their top tips are for anyone thinking of undertaking an online MBA below.

Nnennia Eze
Job Title: Senior Project Engineer
Organisation: Schlumberger
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigeria

An avid volunteer and active member of her local community, Nnennia Eze is an engineering MBA candidate with an emphasis on using her work experience to help others. Nnennia works as a Senior Project Engineer at Schlumberger, leading completions projects from design, to execution through to closure.

Nnennia serves as an editor for an internal publication for her technical group. Outside of the office she is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, where she serves as the Assistant Career Guidance Chair on the Lagos board. Nnennia would like the Global Online MBA to help her accelerate her career.

What is your top tip for someone thinking about studying a Global Online MBA at Imperial?

“Start your submission early. In the beginning it may seem like there are not many requirements. However, it will take quite a bit of time to put it all together to achieve a good quality submission.”

Si Li
Job Title: Pursuing career change to Management Consulting
Location: United Kingdom
Nationality: China

A creative problem solver with a background in electronics engineering, Si brings over 13 years’ experience to the Global Online MBA programme. After beginning her career as a research and development engineer in sensors, Si began a business development role in Arrow Electronics in Beijing in 2007. In 2010, Si joined Premier Farnell as Global Product Manager, focusing on launching the cutting-edge of microcontrollers into mass market application.

Si’s passion in promoting and commercialising technological innovation brought her to the programme. Si would like to take this experience and strengthen it further on a larger scale to provide strategic solutions for Chinese tech firms. She is in the process of transferring her career to management consulting.

What is your top tip for someone thinking about studying a Global Online MBA at Imperial?

“There is an old saying; “It is time to make a change and be the change yourself!” I wish I could have started earlier at Imperial College Business School.”

Khan Ruey Lim
Job Title: Legal Executive cum Advisor
Organisation: Rhizophora Ventures Sdn Bhd.
Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Nationality: Malaysia

Trained in the UK, Khan Ruey Lim practiced law in Kuala Lumpur and is now based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, working as the principal legal advisor for a state-backed investment holding company in the creative media industry. He aspires to grow his company to be a regional industry leader and encourage private investments to build a sustainable ecosystem for both working professionals and the local community.

What is your top tip for someone thinking about studying a Global Online MBA at Imperial?

“The programme at Imperial is very intellectually stimulating and challenging. Apart from having good time management skills, self-motivation and discipline are also essential ingredients to succeed.”

Chris Nickerson
Job Title: Consultant, Technical Analyst
Organisation: Gevity Consulting Inc.
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Nationality: Canada

Working as a consultant in health informatics at Gevity Consulting Inc., Chris Nickerson is passionate about addressing the challenges facing healthcare systems everywhere. He works in technical roles, implementing large-scale healthcare information technology systems, but aspires to progress his career towards management and strategy focused consulting engagements.

With a background in Computer Science, the Global Online MBA will equip Chris to assume leadership roles, where he’d like to drive policy in healthcare with a particular focus on solving problems through the innovative use of technology. Imperial College’s emphasis on innovation, science and technology is a perfect match for his interest in how technology could better support population health and drive lower healthcare costs.

What is your top tip for someone thinking about studying a Global Online MBA at Imperial?

“I have two top tips. First, planning ahead is essential. Keep an eye on when assignments are due – will you be especially busy at work that week? Will you be travelling? You may need to work ahead a little bit. Second, don’t hesitate to look to your syndicate team and the rest of your cohort for support and advice – they’re an invaluable resource.”

Olumuyiwa Owoyemi
Job Title: Production Technologist
Organisation: Shell Petroleum, Brunei
Location: Brunei
Nationality: United Kingdom

With an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, a PhD and over 10 years’ experience working with Shell UK, Olumuyiwa Owoyemi is now based in Brunei working for a Shell upstream joint venture company as a Production Technologist. He also acts as a lean practitioner helping the organisation eliminate waste in end-to-end business processes and reduce operating costs.

Through various roles within the company, Olumuyiwa has learnt to adjust quickly to new environments allowing him to exercise diplomacy in difficult interpersonal situations and challenge groups to identify and promote new initiatives. He decided to join the Global Online MBA to build on his business and leadership skills and enhance his ability.

What is your top tip for someone thinking about studying a Global Online MBA at Imperial?

“Just do it. The programme is truly global, and you get to meet and interact with a diverse mix of knowledgeable professionals. This is aside from interacting with world-class faculty.”

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