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Studying an online MBA is not just about adding another qualification to your CV or broadening your theoretical knowledge on current business practices. The knowledge and skills gained from studying an online MBA are invaluable when they’re practically applied to your workplace, providing opportunities for you to not only further succeed in your current role, but also to be able to fill more senior positions.

Imperial College Business School’s Global Online MBA programme offers students around the world the ability to immediately apply the expert knowledge and skills gained through the programme to their workplace thanks to its range of electives on offer, allowing students to tailor their MBA to the specific needs of their organisation.

In this article, we look at how Imperial Global Online MBA students are applying their knowledge and skills to the banking and finance workplace.

Kevin Elliott – Programme Manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Part of Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Global Markets Technology Strategy team based in New York, Kevin manages a major strategic technology programme running across several divisions. His team designs, builds and implements strategic technological solutions to meet the future demands of the trading business, optimise costs, meet regulatory requirements, and reduce imminent market, credit and operational risks. No one day is ever the same for Kevin – his role could find him anywhere from the trading floor discussing business requirements to the conference room running steering committees with senior executives.

Kevin decided to enrol in an online MBA programme for a change in perspective.

“My career to date has been in banking, specialising in corporate and capital markets, and I wanted the opportunity to view business through a different lens. In part, this was influenced by my desire to view the world from an executive perspective and also to explore my entrepreneurial interests,” Kevin explains.

He chose Imperial’s Global Online MBA programme specifically based on several factors, including its flexibility, the calibre and diversity of its students, the quality of the teaching faculty and focus on entrepreneurship, and its strong US presence, which was crucial in his decision-making.

And to date, it seems his choice has paid off. Just halfway through the programme, Kevin has already been able to successfully apply the knowledge he has gained from his Global Online MBA studies to his workplace.

“I have now completed two semesters of the programme and have learnt so much from the modules Financial and Management Accounting, Organisational Behaviour, Marketing Management, and, most relevant to my field, Managerial Economics. I have applied different elements of the learnings from these modules to my role with success, particularly in marketing, where I have applied the principles of internal marketing and the importance of branding and image of my team within a large organisation,” Kevin says.

And it’s not just the knowledge he has gained from the programme modules that he’s successfully applying to his workplace – it’s also the wealth of knowledge other members of his cohort have contributed in their various levels of professional experience and personal attributes.

“The biggest benefit of the programme so far has been the people that I have met – I have made many lifelong friends, but equally as important is the lessons I have learnt from them,” Kevin says.

“My US cohort is comprised of five other team mates working in different cities and industries across the US. Their level of experience is significant – many of them are running their own companies or divisions of large multinationals, so every interaction with them is an opportunity to learn. Their analytical thought process and big picture view coupled with their strong work ethic, high energy and motivation never ceases to amaze me as they shine through regardless of the situation.

Before starting my online MBA, I often wondered how I would meet the demands of work and the MBA, but applying the lessons from my cohort, I can confidently say that not only am I progressing with the MBA, but my performance at work has stepped up and been recognised.
Kevin Elliot
Programme Manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Kevin Elliott

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