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Hi! My name is Chung-Yu, and I am from Taiwan, the home country of bubble tea. It is my first time coming to the UK and studying overseas, so every module on the programme, street I’ve visited and friends I’ve made have been so exciting to me!

Time flies, I have already finished all of the lectures in the autumn term and started revision for coming exams. In these three months, the most precious friendships I have made and the biggest growth I have been through are both from my syndicate group members on the programme.

The MSc Strategic Marketing programme team divided the whole programme in to several small groups based on diversity in country, culture, academic and working background. In my group, C13, we have six people from five different countries, including Asia, Europe and Africa. Moreover, we all have different undergraduate majors, including accounting, mathematics, management and communication. The mission for us this term was to submit three group assignments in only five weeks.

The five week challenge

Week 0: Before the term started in induction week, the programme team held an ice breaking presentation to let us get to know each other’s culture and traditional foods.

Week 1: The lectures had all just started, so we were still finding out how to do the programme work and what we were going to learn.

Week 2: Everyone began to think about what topic and brand we should choose for each project.

Week 3: We spent most of our time on researching for supporting data for the background of the company, strategy and prediction.

Week 4: After discovering some tactics were not clear enough, we redesigned most of the strategies and started writing the reports.

Week 5: It was the hardest week ever! We spent all of our time in group meetings and working together in the Business School every day to finalise the assignments.

During our discussions, I learned a lot about how to express my own opinions logically and fluently in English. Also, since we have different backgrounds, the factors we considered when planning our project strategy were usually different. Although sometimes we had a little debate, I really enjoyed the process from brainstorming, debating and negotiation to the final decision because I knew that the opinions I could give next time would be more comprehensive after learning everyone’s recommendations.

Imperial College Business School has the best students from all over the world, so the group work and in-class discussions are the best opportunities to have a strong growth on our professional skills.

From nearly strangers to closest friends, over this term we have built a strong friendship not only in studying but also in our spare time, going to restaurants and bars together. We  have even planned to go to Portugal, one of my group mate’s place for next summer!

Although I have said it to my best group mates again and again, I still want to say it out loud here: “I love my group, C13!”


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