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From left to right: Joba Ajewole, Subhadra Monga, Daksh Bhojak, and Dr Sara Moradi (Global Online MBA 2018 September). Amir Salehi (Global Online MBA 2017 September) was our team member in the first round but unfortunately he was not able to join us for the finals and Subhadra kindly agreed to join our team in his place. 

The National Investment Banking Competition & Conference (NIBC) is the largest investment banking event for students who are looking to expand their financial knowledge and apply the skills learned in the classroom in a real case scenario.

The competition attracts participants from leading business schools in the world to not only participate in a competition, but to meet and interact with other participants. The competition attracts recruiters from top Investment Banks where they can meet a talented group of finance professionals from around the globe.

NIBC started in November 2018. Three classmates on the Global Online MBA and I decided to participate and represent the School in the global competition. The team was living in different countries, had full-time jobs and families to look after in addition to our regular MBA studies, and it was somewhat challenging to coordinate and work across different time zones.

However, at Imperial, they teach us to face challenges head-on, and that’s what we all decided to do. We conducted weekly meetings to organise our thoughts and progress on completing the case study for the first round based on the luxury fashion industry Tapestry (NYSE: TPR).

After all of our continuous hard work for two months, we submitted the case study and a recommended approach that helped us progress through the initial stages of the competition which had more than 500 schools and 2000+ students from across the globe. We reached to top 12% of the competing schools and were among only 200 students who received the invite to attend the finals and represent our School on the global stage.

The NIBC finals were held in Vancouver. Our final day of competition started very early in the morning at 6.00, we were given a case study of a proposed merger with another luxury conglomerate. The participating teams had only six hours to understand and recommend an approach of a possible merger or against the merger, with relevant data to back our analysis in a visually presentable pitchbook to the financial directors and executives.

Teamwork was very important in analysing the case and understanding individual roles to successfully finish the specific tasks of the company overview, extensive industry research, financial valuation models and ratio, and a strategic recommendation based on the analysed dataset.

Even though the material was completely new to us and we would soon be presenting to senior investment bankers, we were quickly able to coordinate roles based on our individual strengths, assimilate the details of the real-life scenario, turn out a final product, and present our results with confidence. We relied heavily on the teamwork and comradery we shared with each other.

Each team was allotted eight minutes to present the case and an additional three minutes for questions from senior finance professionals to ensure our approach is based on the data and met the real-life high standards of presenting the case to executives.

NIBC Gala Dinner

Due to the very high standards and the fierce competition among the final participants, we didn’t manage to reach the finals, but we still managed to get a lot of appreciation from the professionals for all the efforts we had put in.

Even though we didn’t win, we had a very enriching and life-changing experience of meeting talented and hard-working students and professionals from the finance industry. We managed to get the real-world experience of working as an investment banking professional in a time-crunched situation.

We are very thankful to Imperial College Business School for supporting our initiative by connecting us with highly reputable finance professors from our School to give us the best opportunity in succeeding at the competition.

We are very proud to be the pioneers for representing Imperial in such a global event and it left a positive impression of our School strengths on the global map. We highly encourage students to take part in such opportunities to test their skills in the future by competing against students from all over the world and develop life-long connections.


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