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Our new Full-Time MBA students were welcomed in September to begin their 12-month journey through the MBA with an induction programme engineered to support their learning and maximise their opportunities to start forming their network with classmates.

The Imperial MBA induction programme was designed to build a foundation for learning throughout the year. It also provided the opportunity to build relationships with their classmates and the School community.

“There were many inspiring aspects of the week,” said MBA student Imogen Berman, “but overall I think the message that we will achieve more collaborating as a group than we can competing as individuals was a fantastic way to start.”

During the week, the group launched into activities which included networking opportunities, alumni panel discussions, guest speakers, lectures, career development, workshops, corporate visits and a team-building away day.

One of the visits included London’s HSBC head office in Canary Wharf, especially as it was a way of introducing the students to Imperial’s corporate partnerships with the City. UK economist Liz Martins spoke on the global and UK economy.

Liz Martins HSBC

Following the talk, students had the chance to network with HSBC senior staff including the Head of Public Sector and Higher Education, Head of Emerging Talent (Europe) and the Head of US Desk.

During the induction programme, the students also had an opportunity to firm up on skills helpful for their studies, including a Microsoft Excel workshop to bring students up to speed with the new Business Analytics core module. The objectives, alongside ensuring everyone had the right Excel skills to cope with the demanding numerical skills needed for MBA study, was for the MBAs to understand the key principles of building spreadsheets for business use and to build forecasting, sensitivity analysis and optimisation models.

For many, the highlight of induction week was the team building day at Wokefield Park, a mansion and country park just outside London. The emphasis was on the group developing a platform for collaborative learning and skills which would be necessary throughout their MBA studies.

Activities included high ropes and low rope courses and on the ground puzzles. The teams were encouraged to work together and compete against one another.

As a result of the away day, MBA student Leila Azimova said, “I learned that collaboration with others can yield great results and I am now more confident to ask for help from someone who has been successful.”

Wokefield Park rock climbing

The skills and talents of the individuals in the class became clear as individual strengths and personalities were brought out during the week, but taking the group into new and unfamiliar situations meant no one was falling back on safe strategies. “The induction week put everybody on the same level by challenging us with logic instead of theory,” explained Imogen.

Diane Morgan, Associate Dean of Programmes, said, “We are extremely proud of the maturity, expertise and humility of our students which is immediately evident by just spending a little time with them.”

The diversity and equality of the new cohort is impressive with a 45% female ratio being among the highest percentage of any top-ranked MBA programme in the world.

With the conclusion of induction programme the students were eager to move deeper into their MBA. Equipped with the tools to unlock opportunities, the class are now very much a part of the Business School and on a path to success.

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