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As part of the MSc Finance programme, students visited Brussels to widen their business knowledge and hone their skills in an international context. The visit allowed the students to add to their studies undertaken in London so far and offered first-hand experience of the business culture of Belgium and the local region.

During their stay students received presentations from Henrik Morch, Head of the Single Market Policy Unity at the European Commission, as well as Dirk Dewitte, Managing Director, BNP Paribas.

Morch shared his view on the position of the EU and Dewitte talked to the students about his experiences and the challenges he faced when starting his career.

Student Jonathan Lai commended Morch’s presentation, especially, “his patience on working to promote the EU single market, by cutting ‘red tape’ to promote business and consumer choice”.

Classmate James Sesay enjoyed hearing from Morch as well. “As he was a senior member of the board, his insight into the recent media attention made the discussion even better”.

As well as these presentations, students took part in a Finance-based team building exercise called ‘Break the Bank’. Students worked in teams competing against each other in a bid to make the most money possible.

“An added benefit was that students were put into the teams that they would be working with in the spring term,” said Jonathan. ”It was fantastic to get a glimpse of my fellow students’ professional and competitive nature”.

”It was great to see the fiercely competitive nature come out in people. What I learnt was beyond the importance of team work through to knowing how to use everyone’s skillsets for your advantage.”

During their time away students still had time to immerse themselves in Belgian culture. They were treated to an arrival dinner at a local restaurant where they had delicious food, including the Belgian speciality waffles.

The visit gave the participants a unique learning experience outside of the lecture theatre and an opportunity to socialise with their fellow students.

This trip also helped lay the foundations for future relationships as part of the wider MSc Finance alumni network.

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