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Last month, MSc Management students on the International Study Tour elective jetted to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for an academic experience like no other.

The Study Tour was led by Jolande Bot-Vos, Programme Director of the MSc Management. She speaks about the tour objectives:

The aim of the tour is to give students a chance to experience first-hand the social and cultural dynamics of business in another country. The tour consisted of a number of visits to different companies across a range of industry sectors as well as social and cultural activities. Students also had the opportunity to network with local Imperial alumni and professionals.
Jolande Bot-Vos
Programme Director of the MSc Management
Jolande Bot-Vos

The presentations and company visits centred on the theme: Future City Development. Jolande talks about the various visits and presentations which related to this theme:

We met with government agents, local entrepreneurs, Real Estate, hospitality and investment companies as well as experts on the Arab culture and doing business in the Middle East. We learned more about the ambitious development plans Dubai has and how Masdar City (near Abu Dhabi) is investing heavily to become a leader in sustainability. This trip gave students an exceptional opportunity to look behind the scenes of a fast developing city and country.

From the learning activities, students developed practical knowledge of various management topics including sustainable city development, management of social projects, competitive strategies and international business.

Other learning highlights of the tour included:

  • Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management – the Academy is part of the Jumeirah Group, who own the world famous Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. They are a leading provider of hospitality business education in the Middle East.
  • Nakheel – a privately held real estate developer who developed The Palm. This presentation also included a private boat tour around the Palm itself.
  • Dubai Expo 2020 – a presentation about Dubai’s journey to Expo 2020 at the site, which will cover a total of 438 hectares. This is the first to be held in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia region.
  • Imperial Alumni Panel – presentations by alumni Jean-Michel Gauthier, CEO of Oliv, and Kerem Danish, COO of mrUsta Solutions.

In addition to the learning activities, students visited the Burj Khalifa, the Jumeirah Mosque, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the gold and spice souks to enrich their cultural understanding of the region. The trip finished with an optional desert safari, where students rode camels and basked in the beauty of the Arabian Peninsula.

Photo and Video Competition

Students had the opportunity to showcase their photography and videography skills in our Photo and Video Competition. Prizes were awarded to the top two pictures from the tripthat best reflected the Study Tour theme.

Congratulations to Louisa Ching for her winning picture of the Dubai metropolis. Captured from the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, Louisa’s image portrays Dubai’s meteoric rise as a thriving global city.

Second prize was awarded to Jacky Keung for his fantastic shot of the Dubai Expo 2020 site plans, and which encapsulated the Future City Development theme.

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