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It seems like I have known my Full-Time MBA cohort forever. It’s hard to think we only met about two months ago. We get along great as a cohort of 78 diverse, unique individuals and continue to get to know each other’s hobbies, interests, and goals, even more each day.

Since our team-bonding outing during induction week, where we conquered difficult obstacle courses and challenging puzzles, we, as a class, have consistently helped each other out to the best of our abilities, from initiating student-run study sessions to offering career advice and business contacts. I truly feel what has made my Full-Time MBA experience so wonderful is my cohort; the calibre of students on the programme is extremely high. The type of people that Imperial College Business School attracts are not only motivated and entrepreneurial but also curious, kind, and fun! We definitely portray the work-hard, play-hard mentality.

Team V and A Friday Late

Why I chose Imperial?

Prior to starting my FTMBA programme at Imperial College Business School, I studied Business Economics at the University of California, Los Angeles for my undergraduate degree. Then, I worked as a Technology Consultant at Accenture, where I performed project management and change management activities for software implementations across various industries. I wanted to pursue an MBA degree because my goal is to enter the technology sector as well as explore startup activities in the food tech and clean tech/sustainability space. With my interest in gaining international work experience, I researched MBA programmes in Europe. And with my love for London, I honed in my search to universities in and around this vibrant city of endless opportunities. When I found Imperial’s Full-Time MBA programme, I knew I had hit the jackpot: a one-year accelerated MBA programme with a strong entrepreneurial background and connections to the greater Imperial campus, which is renowned for innovations in science and technology.

Team Welcome Reception

My Student Experience

The culture at ICBS is very warm and collaborative. We are one big family and although some friendly competition is useful for challenging ourselves, we are there for one another. So far, we have taken the Accounting, Business Economics, Organisational Behaviour, Strategic Problem Solving, and Design Thinking modules, all taught by top-notch, knowledgeable professors. On the programme, you will definitely gain teamwork and communication skills as we often work in group settings and deliver in-class presentations. In addition, there are also numerous Business School clubs that we can join. I am on the committee of the Entrepreneurship Club and am in charge of external events and the technology sector. And since there were no North America Business Club at the Business School prior to my year, I decided to create one to connect North American students with one another as well as bring in North American companies to talk with interested students. There are numerous leadership opportunities at Imperial College Business School, and I love getting involved and making a positive impact on the School. Furthermore, I utilise the greater Imperial College’s resources, such as the Enterprise Lab which supports entrepreneurial ventures. As of now, I am working on a sustainability project creating eco-friendly diapers/waste to energy system in a programme that supports female entrepreneurs.

I really enjoyed sharing with you my experience; now, here are some lovely photos that show my exciting journey on the ICBS FTMBA programme so far:

Team Dinner Soho

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