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French Classes

The Imperial Business School offers the opportunity to take a language course over the first and second term. It was one of my first chances to meet students from other courses, Imperial staff or people that work in the Museums nearby. Not only I got to learn French, but I also met fantastic people and got to know them while practising the exercises which it was so much fun!

Master’s of Public Health Students

In our previous term, students from the Public Health Master’s have joined our lectures in the Business School during 6 weeks. As a result, studying with people from different backgrounds gave us the opportunity to appreciate new perspectives while debating global health challenges. This showed the joy of sharing experiences even when your academic journey is different. Some groups from my cohort also decided to do one assignment with elements from the MSc Public Health. Most of them said that it was a richer experience.  

Executive MBA Students

This term, we had already the pleasure to welcome senior health care executives from Finland. They are currently doing an Executive MBA in University of Tampere and came to London to visit Imperial College Business School. I had the great pleasure to attend a lecture with them, where I could find out about their course, their professional experience and how things are done where they are from.

Why is this so important?

Well, the opportunity to exchange experiences can bring diversity. Moreover, different views enriched ideas. Regardless for how long you studied or working, take the opportunity here to share, but also be open to receive. Younger students can refresh with new ideas. In contrast, experienced people can provide knowledge, know-how and networking.

As my grandfather taught me: Knowledge hardly occupies a space in your brain (translating from Portuguese). I guess he means that there is always space and time for more. 

Maria is studying MSc International Health Management

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