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We have spent more than two months in Imperial College Business School as MSc Economics and Strategy for Business students, and it is as great (busy) as any top business school in the world.

After finishing the first three modules, including Analytics for Applied Economics and Business, Business Economics, and Economics and Strategy for Innovation, we decided to take a break before the next three intensive modules which will begin from Monday. 

Burger & Lobster is a popular restaurant among young people in London, and we went there to have a rich dinner!

During the dinner, we had an open discussion about the programme so far…

“I really learnt a lot from STATA course, but the final exam was really hard!”

“I think Prof. Jonathan Haskel is quite a brilliant man with a lot of knowledge!”

“Pedro Rosa Dias’s module is attracting and practical for us, and the tutor is very kind and helpful!”

…and we also looked to the future.

“I’m busy in preparing for interviews and I wish I can get an offer in the near future from one of Bulge Brackets.”

I love London and I want to stay in London to have some international working experiences.”

“Maybe PhD is a good choice…haha.”

“I want to go back to my hometown and work there.”

Time flies when you are having fun. It’s time to say goodbye tonight.

“See you guys tomorrow at accounting course.”

“And do not forget the quiz before strategy class!”

What we learnt from Imperial College is always challenging but useful, and the friendship developed from school is just as precious.

Xiaoyu Cai is studying MSc Economics and Strategy for Business

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