Student Projects

Engaging our students to work as consultants on developing new ideas and projects is a smart business move

We can help you create opportunities to engage our students to work as consultants on new strategic business ideas, marketing projects or technology commercialisation.

If you need an individual consultant or team of students to work on complex problems or make comprehensive strategic recommendations, you should consider submitting a proposal for an Individual MBA Consultancy project.

Alternatively, you may prefer to support MSc students’ learning by giving them the opportunity to apply their studies and develop consulting skills as part of the MSc group consulting projects. Our students bring fresh thinking and innovative approaches in order to achieve real business outcomes. This can also be an effective way of building your profile on campus and assessing potential employees first hand. This is not an internship and minimum supervision is required on your part. Students will have access to several faculty advisors.

Links to our project brochures can be found by clicking on the photos below:

The Consulting Project course is designed to give MSc students an opportunity to work on a small real-life consulting project in groups of 6 or 7. Projects are welcomed that would be suitable for students on our programmes in MSc Business Analytics, MSc Management, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management, MSc Economics & Strategy for Business, MSc Strategic Marketing and MSc International Health Management. Students present their recommendations and also write a 3000 word report for the client organisation.

Please submit project proposals to us between December and March. Students will undertake the bulk of the work in July.

For more detailed information, an informal discussion, or to request an MSc Consulting Project brochure, please contact:

Employer Relations Team
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7594 2658