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Business and Climate Change - Dr Charles Donovan and Lord Browne

Join Lord Browne, Dr Charles Donovan, and Anjalika Bardalai as they discuss business vs. climate change.

Global climate change is already affecting the bottom line for companies around the world, and in the years ahead, managing climate risk will emerge as a key management imperative. Some of the world’s largest financial institutions are actively warning clients to act now on climate risk and to improve their positioning in a global economy that will be fundamentally altered by severe weather events, technological advances, regulatory changes, and shifts in consumer demand. Yet as of today, the risks and opportunities associated with climate change remain poorly understood in the private sector.

Although the physical impacts of climate change may take a heavy toll on the global economy long-term, businesses are already facing disruptive changes from technological and regulatory developments. This event will highlight what investors can be doing now to manage risk and maximize returns on green investment opportunities. The talk will draw upon Imperial College’s interdisciplinary work on environmental and financial issues to deliver a practical examination of the business case for adapting to global climate change.

Charles Donovan

Dr Charles Donovan

Lord Browne

Lord Browne

Anjalika Bardalai

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18:00 - 20:00
Venue will be in London's square mile and confirmed to registered guests
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