The Centre for Performance Science hosted within Executive Education, is a cross disciplinary partnership between Imperial College and the Royal College of Music that explores the challenges of Performance across a wide array of domains.  Executive Education looks specifically at the challenges of performance within business – the Performance Simulator at the Royal College of Music is the tool we use to do so.

The objectives of using the Performance Simulator are to further increase participant’s self-awareness of their individual leadership and communication strengths and identify areas for development as well as helping them present effectively and with impact. The participants will receive feedback on behavioural and psychological aspects of their performance and also stress management.

The experience takes place in three stages…


Participants are introduced to the fundamental principles of effective performance, informed by the latest research and technology from the field of performance science. They are given are task to prepare which is often a presentation related to the programme learning objectives.


Participants are fitted with a heart rate monitor and are invited to enter the performance simulator, where they are greeted by a virtual audience. It is inside the simulator where they present – never knowing how the audience is going to react. How do they really perform under pressure?


Data is collected and a performance skills report produced – this is analysed individually with a performance coach. How does their body respond under pressure? What does the data show? This is discussed along with tangible takeaways  that can be applied back it the workplace to enable better performance.