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Global Leadership Programme

The Challenge

Panasonic is one of the largest Japanese multinational electronics corporations, headquartered in Japan. Under the leadership of the newly appointed President, managers across the globe were given a mandate to innovate on both a local and global scale under the banner “cross value innovation”. Despite the tremendous energy in the organisation for the opportunities to innovate, managers were aware that a process was needed to help drive a culture of innovation which fosters a spirit of collaboration across disciplines and regions which would deliver innovative integrated solutions for customers. Cultural change and new ways of working, rooted in the Panasonic enduring principles, needed to be embedded in the organisational networks to enable sustainable innovative change. The leadership teams, running Panasonic businesses in countries across the globe, were identified as the target audience for a two year journey of leadership development to support them in making the transformational change.

Collaborative Programme Design

Panasonic, one of the most innovative electronics organisations in the world, sought a partner in Imperial College Business School that offered world class research and expertise.  Panasonic wanted an experience for their Leaders that was global reflecting the nature of their businesses and emphasising breakthrough innovation across boundaries. Panasonic and Imperial College Business designed a 10 day Global Leadership Programme around key themes for the business and delivered 5 days at Imperial College Business School and 5 days in collaboration with professors at National University of Singapore. Business projects were key deliverables from both a personal and organisational learning perspective. They were completed over the course of the programme in virtual global teams ending in a “Dragon’s Den” with Panasonic top Leaders and professors from both Imperial College Business School and the National University of Singapore. The programme challenges participants’ current levels of knowledge and skills in innovation, strategy and global leadership by making extensive use of Imperial College Business School unique “Impact Lab” approach to Executive learning. This is where Imperial College Business School’s faculty works with Imperial’s world leading laboratories to create immersive high impact learning for business through discovery in science.

Business Impact

The participants were exposed to bold new ideas and challenged to reframe their mind set on innovative thinking, delivered business projects that added real change and innovation to the business. Projects covered innovation in product, process and services and many continued from concept design at the end of the programme to implementation in the following year. Cross functional and cross cultural collaboration was key in delivering change in the business reinforcing the principles of “one Panasonic”.

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