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A Digital Academy for Chief Information Officers

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) can bring considerable value to their organisations beyond the narrowly defined remits of their roles in IT management and operations.

In partnership with Spanish IT consultancy Penteo, we delivered a three-day academy for 35 participants from across Spain, including KPMG and Telefónica, with the aim of developing their expectation of and capacity to drive innovation in their organisations and of giving them the opportunity to share challenges and reflect on how the digital economy is transforming the role of CIOs.

The programme exposed participants to live cases from guest CIOs and Chief Technical Officers and experts, covered topics such as ‘Patterns and Platforms for Innovation’ and ‘Design Thinking for Innovation’, and engaged participants in lectures, external visits and guided debates on market trends and the strategic evolution of the CIO function as a driver of business strategy.

This immersion in the application of innovative thinking, and our expectation that throughout the academy each participant would challenge their own and others’ practice, seeking evidence of outcomes and looking for new approaches, meant each participant gained considerable insight into how they can use digital technologies and strategies to drive business, and left with a toolkit of skills and approaches with which to deliver excellence in their organisations.

The Programme Director was Dr Mark Kennedy, Associate Professor of Strategy and Organisational Behaviour and Director of the KPMG Centre for Business Analytics.

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