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Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF)

Leading the Future Programme

The Challenge

For the past two years’ Imperial College Executive Education have partnered with the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) to deliver both EMBA and CEO level ‘Leading the Future’ Programmes. The programmes are senior-level and attract C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs from a diverse range of industries in China. All participants are eager to learn new innovation tools and techniques along with the latest trends and developments in innovation and innovation in finance.

Collaborative Programme Design

These ‘Leading the Future’ programmes bring together leading academics, technologists and scientists from ICL and our expert innovation and finance academics in Imperial College Business School. This unique approach creates a very powerful delivery team who can allow participants to stand in their own future and to understand how technology is changing the business landscape. The programmes covered a number of topics including Global Finance Perspectives, Building Data Science Teams, Trends and Developments in Data Science, Healthcare Innovation and Technology, and Design-Led Innovation. The CEO programme also incorporated a trip to Imperial’s cutting edge Global Data Visualisation Observatory and a site visit to Cisco CREATE’s new Innovation Lab at Camden Interchange which showed participants how they work with government, industry, research institutions and start-ups to accelerate innovation here in the UK.

The company

Business Impact

The programme aims to expose participants to the changing innovation landscape. Without this tech-foresight and knowledge it will be difficult for their businesses to compete in a competitive global environment where markets are being disrupted due to technological developments like digitisation. Participants will learn how to drive innovation, think more strategically, as well as gain a global perspective on how to combat against disruptive technologies.