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Executive MBA

Executive MBA – Develop your talent

Our world-leading research is sought by governments, policy-makers and global business leaders who often partner with us on research projects. We draw on this same world-leading research for the foundations of the Executive MBA.

The Executive MBA programme equips your promising staff with the tools to truly make a difference to your business, developing both hard and soft skills as well as practical, relevant knowledge. It’s this combination that will enable them to play a leading role in your organisation.

Designed to accelerate the capabilities of senior executives and the impact they have on your business, the Executive MBA is delivered on a Friday and Saturday once a month over a 23 month period – building their innovative and intrapreneurial thinking and solid business theory and practice, all whilst continuing to be an effective employee

Friday and Saturday a month

% of women in the cohort

Months duration

Strategic investment

Sponsoring an employee on an Executive MBA is a major investment and like any major investment if appropriately planned it can provide substantial value in return.

Our Executive MBA prepares your executives through:

  • Emphasis on multidisciplinary teamwork, evidence-based diagnosis and a holistic view of organisations
  • A suite of innovation modules which runs through the entire programme, blending creation and application through state of the art research, workshops and practical application
  • Three core international modules in key markets designed to provide exposure and analysis of global context and complexity
  • A business project providing research and consultancy based on opportunities and challenges facing your company
  • Uniquely blending Imperial’s expertise in the disciplines of science and technology with the results focus of business
  • Leadership coaching during every on-campus weekend
  • Imperial gives your employees the necessary tools and confidence in innovation and management expertise which can then be directly applied to your organisation – supporting business growth and development.

Tenured employees drive far greater value than those who are “cycling through” the business. We look to work with you to maximise development and retention through integrating Executive MBA sponsorship into your grooming process for promising managers. To explore the opportunities an Executive MBA can deliver please do contact us or request a call back – many employers also find our guidance and FAQ section a useful tool.

Programme key info

Start date: : 6 February 2019 

Price: £57,000

Average age: 39

Location: Imperial College Business School

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