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Critical thinking for critical times

Stay competitive, stay resilient with short, immersive courses facilitated by Europe’s top thinkers – only at Imperial College London.

In such turbulent times as these, it’s never been more important to know how to apply relevant technologies, without wasting resources.
We welcome you to choose from three, unique programmes and benefit from our cutting-edge research, innovative thinking and collection of brilliant minds.

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Command Risk

A Complete Course in Risk Management

Gain confidence and control with five intensive days that will challenge you to think creatively about finance and risk, compel you to overturn existing patterns and make your organisation more competitive and sustainable. Recommended for anyone seeking to become a more complete Risk Manager.

27 February – 03 March 2017

Harness the radical potential of Fintech

Fintech – Innovative Banking Programme

Find out how to take true advantage of technological changes in banking, such as Blockchain and RegTech. Get ready for the impact of digital currencies and future regulatory challenges. And gain crucial insights into the new issue of guarding customers’ digital identity. Invaluable for Heads of Strategy and Innovation, and managers and directors within all areas of banking and asset management.

04 – 05 May 2017

Expand your intelligence

From Data to Decisions – Machine Learning Programme

This foundation in AI, big data and machine learning will equip you to make better decisions using the new techniques and insights available through behavioural finance, big data and risk management. A must for portfolio managers, risk and wealth managers, pension fund managers and insurance company executives.

17 – 19 July 2017