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Impact Lab™

What is Impact Lab™?

The Impact Lab™ is our unique approach to learning. It’s not just a physical space, it’s a philosophy that underpins all of our programmes.  We believe that the experiential method to discovery in science has a lot to teach the world of executive development, combining an attentive and enquiring consulting approach with high-impact and innovative learning.

Go way beyond the classroom, with cross disciplinary, experiential learning which challenges you to unpick your current thinking and embrace bold, new ideas. Here we uniquely blend the disciplines of science, technology, and the performing arts with the results focus of business.

We champion this through four areas:

How does it work?

The Impact Lab™ includes interactive learning experiences designed to test you in unfamiliar environments and scenarios. You’ll get the chance to apply your learning within our state of the art simulators. Whether using the Faculty of Medicine’s sequential simulations to explore the customer experience in a business, the Faculty of Engineering’s Carbon Capture Lab to find out tolerance for risk and uncertainty, or the Royal College of Music’s Performance Simulator to recognise how you are affected by stress, our client projects combine thought-leadership with high impact experiential learning that is breaking new ground in the world of executive development. All of this is proven to facilitate learning, build your confidence, and inspire future pioneers.

Why is it impactful?

The conditions under which people work and perform can be very different from those under which they learn, be it in business, science, medicine, the arts, or sport. This stems in part from a gap in typical learning and development programmes: not only do learners require knowledge, they also need to apply this knowledge in real-life contexts. To facilitate this, the Impact Lab™ employs experiential learning­: an approach in which people learn through direct engagement with a phenomenon and then reflect upon that engagement.

The Impact Lab™ is also about ensuring participants are able to translate and apply their learning back in their workplaces. Making use of applied research we conduct, we work with individuals and organisations to maximise value from their learning and development programmes. From an organisation perspective, this can help businesses understand what they can do in terms of organisation, consultation and communication to improve the impact of their development programmes.  It confirms for participants what they have gained from the programme and finally helps us, the learning partner, to understand how we can work further as a trusted advisor to help increase the value of our customers’ investments.

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