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Global Data Observatory


The Data Observatory is the largest of its kind in Europe, it features an enveloping circular wall of 64 monitors powered by 32 computers facilitating 313 degrees of surround vision. Over 130 million pixels make up the total screen resolution, allowing participants to experience big data like never before. 

The Data Observatory provides an opportunity for business to visualise data in a way that uncovers new insights, and promotes the communication of complex data sets and analysis in an immersive and multi-dimensional environment.

Designed, built by, and housed within the Data Science Institute at Imperial College. The Observatory can be integrated within Executive Education programmes to bring data sets to life. It enables decision makers to derive new insights and actions from interrogating data sets in an innovative, unique environment. Recently, the Data Observatory has been used to visualise the Bitcoin network in real time, as well as visualising a data set which shows how employees in a bank moved between different departments over several years. 

Executive Education work with clients, participants and programme academics to develop data sets in line with the chosen learning objectives. It gives executives the opportunity to clearly visualise Big Data and unlock innovation and improved decisions as a result. 

We also use the Data Observatory on a number of Open Programmes including Fintech, From Data to Decisions: Machine Learning in Finance and Climate Risk Investment

As featured in Vice and the Financial Times.

What people are saying

The KPMG data observatory provides a new capability for businesses to gain insight from big data, identify patterns and solve complex business issues.
By finding better ways of visualising and analysing their data, companies will be able to unlock profitability, and unleash new waves of growth and innovation.

Alwin MagimayHead of Digital and Analytics at KPMG