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Customer Management for Executives


The profitability of a firm depends on its ability to identify, grow and retain customers. So why does customer relationship management remain such a poorly understood concept?

This insightful programme seeks to put that right. We’ll focus on how best to manage customer acquisition and retention for maximum performance. We’ll also explore innovative approaches to building a loyal customer base. This will include ways of nurturing trust and commitment, strategies to enhance your customer relations and how to communicate more effectively with your customers.

Who should attend?

This programme is targeted at those who have the ability to initiate change in their organisations or business units, those responsible for or contributing significantly to the development and implementation of customer relationship initiatives, and also any executives wishing to broaden their strategic toolkit and looking for new and fresh ideas to improve profitability. It is also relevant to sales and customer service professionals, and to organisations operating both in a B2C and B2B context.


This programme is designed to strengthen your customer management skills and further your understanding of a set of powerful ideas about how to manage customers for superior business performance. You will be exposed to a set of well-established and effective strategies to create, deliver and sustain superior customer value, as well as some of the most novel and cutting-edge ideas in customer management. You will go away with a wealth of frameworks and fresh ideas about how to acquire and retain customers.

Effective customer management can lead to a competitive advantage and is associated with financial and shareholder value creation. Your organisation can benefit greatly by exposing those who can initiate change within the firm or their business units, and those responsible for or contributing significantly to the development and implementation of customer-related initiatives, to some of the most powerful and cutting-edge ideas in customer management.

Programme content

  • Core ideas of high performing marketing: The customer-oriented firm
  • Core ideas of high-performance marketing: Understanding what customers value
  • The business case for customer loyalty
  • Service quality, generic benefits and customer satisfaction as the foundation of loyalty
  • Understanding customer responses to their experiences with the firm
  • Features of successful loyalty strategies
  • Service failure and recovery and the role of the employees

Programme key info

2 days
Imperial College Business School


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