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Finance and Strategy - Value Creation in Emerging Markets (Mozambique)


The business environment in emerging markets demands a dynamic and well-structured financial and strategic design. Understanding the characteristics of those markets is crucial to implement best practices.
The practical content of the programme will facilitate the application of innovative and disruptive approaches to the management challenges in emerging markets.

Who should attend?

Senior managers, executives, and directors wishing to construct innovative and successful approaches towards the challenges in African emerging economies.

Among other topics in Corporate Finance we will cover:

Working Capital Management:

Managing working capital is crucial to the long-term financial sustainability. This section discusses how prioritizing working capital allows companies to make strategic investments, which in turn drive operational efficiencies.

Capital Structure:

Financial leverage constitutes an important part of a corporation’s day-to-day operations. Given the ever-changing market conditions, it is important to understand how a firm can achieve its optimal leverage ratio, and the benefits, costs and risks associated with it. Participants will gain hands-on practice with rigorous methods to account for leverage in a firm’s capital structure.

Risk Management:

Insight on the use of value enhancing and risk reducing strategies constitute a capital set of skills in the current business environment. This section aims to guide you towards the development of financial foresight, allowing for the prediction of new financial and corporate risks.


Rigorous understanding of valuation allows you to maximise the potential of a company, drive investment decisions and lead the restructuring, M&A and financing challenges that your organization faces.

Programme key info


18 hours
Free – invitee only
Maputo - Mozambique

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